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WHO AM I? Vel Carlson, former Teacher, Business owner, Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.WHAT am I doing right now? I have returned to Wealthy Affilaite after 5 months of missing Wealthy Affiliate. WHEN did I become a member? I became a member about 3 years ago and when my son was diagnosed with colon and liver cancer 5 months ago, I left Wealthy Affiliate to take care of him. He lost his fight for life on December 28, 2016. He also lost the suffering that goes with cancer and now can r
On JUly 29, 2016, my son, Morgan, was taken from his work to the Emergency Room at a hospital in the Seattle area. His colon had burst. They did surgery immediately and he remained in the hospital until September 6th. Now he is living with me and I am taking care of him. He has stage 4 colon cancer, cancer in his liver which is expanding and cutting off most of his stomach. He is 5'7" tall and weighs 102 pounds!I have not been on my websites since July. I need to spend my time with my son, ther
November 08, 2015
Due to health and moving to California issues, I will be leaving Wealthy affiliate for the time being. I am hoping to come back in a couple of months or so. (It won't be like last time, only 2 days gone!) I will miss you. I thank all of the 942 people for following me and all of the members, owners and Wealthy Affiliate staff, who have helped me directly and indirectly! My best to you all, Vel
August 11, 2015
To the Members, Kyle and Carson,I cancelled my membership with Wealthy Affiliate on Sunday, August 9th 2015. I would like you to know why I suddenly cancelled my membership.As you probably know by my bio, I am 82 years old and I am a healthy person, however I do have macular degeneration in both eyes. 8 years ago, I began monthly injections in my left eye. Then 3 years ago, my right eye was diagnosed with the dry type of macular, injections do not work, but it is a much slower to become complete