My very first $2.5. :

Last Update: Mar 21, 2015


Today is just one typical Saturday morning, but except for 1 thing. I have made my first sale of $2.5. There was a point where I just wanted to give up leave this whole AM thing, but now I am more motivated than ever.

It might not be much, but it is a very good feeling to get your first sale. It means that you are doing something right. Thanks for everyone's support which led to this.

As we say in Afrikaans LEKKER MAN LEKKER.

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Big congrats, the first sale is the hardest to get, after that, it gets easier.

Aanhouer wen!

Valie, lekker man lekker.......hou so aan, die dollars sal nog instroom ! Aanhouer wen altyd in hierdie game. Geluk met jou eerste "sale" , Johan.

Great job. I wish you good luck.

Hey Valie, that is good news, and will encourage others who were feeling like giving up. Thank you.....

CONGRATULATIONS! Achieving a goal IS many establishments proudly frame and hand that first dollar made....I have even seen coins in a frame! You have proven that it truly DOES 'work'...I am happy for you!

Hi Valie, congratulations. It certainly is an inspiration booster to make you work harder. It is not, as you have said, how much you make but the fact you have started on the ladder to success and it proves that WA really works.

I look to hearing many more of your success stories. Well Done :).

All the best.

Congratulations Valie! There is a hymn I sometimes sing - Little Is Much When God Is In It. It immediately came into my heart when I read your post. Continue to build upon a good foundation and you joy will multiply.

Thanks for sharing with us,

Are you kidding me it might not be much. It is gold man gold i say. Good for you. You broke the path. The rest will come have patience and keep going. Best of luck always.

Congrats Valie , The importance comes from being in the right way as you have mentioned . All the best .

Congrats...yes, what an accomplishment! Keep it got this!

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