Goodbye but I will be back

Last Update: May 18, 2017

I'm taking a break from Wealthy Affiliate for a few months although this does NOT mean I have given up! I have learned so much and also have a website up and running which is more than I thought I ever could have achieved. Also I cannot thank the community enough for all the support they've given me and I like to think that I may have been of a little help too!

I'm leaving because I realise now that I have approached this whole process with the wrong mindset. The mindset of fear. I have had some big problems over the past few months and there came a time when I thought that this was the only thing I had left (from a financial point of view). Now sometimes this pushed me to achieve more than I ever thought I could with this site; but all too often I found myself unable to write anything else because of so much else clouding my mind. I had to sort my other problems out before I could approach my goals on this site with the correct mindset.

Well I'm pleased to say things are back on track but I need to get back to my "day job" to get myself back on an even keel and then tackle this process again when other things won't worry me so much.

Sorry this is a rather unstructured post but I just wanted people to know; especially Kyle, Carson and the ambassadors that I am NOT going to be one of the 95%. I may be leaving now but I will be back, especially as I understand my sites can be resurrected.

So I'll be here until the end of the month and then - all I can say is I WILL see you all again at some point!

take care

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DebbieRose Premium
Thanks for letting us know. The education we receive here never goes away. Best of luck in your future goals. Debbie
Loes Premium
All the best Paul, I'll (hope to) be here when you get back. Not planning for leaving, but you never know how life can take a turn
NeBro Premium
Hi Paul, wishing you all the best in the next part of your journey.