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I'm taking a break from Wealthy Affiliate for a few months although this does NOT mean I have given up! I have learned so much and also have a website up and running which is more than I thought I ever could have achieved. Also I cannot thank the community enough for all the support they've given me and I like to think that I may have been of a little help too!I'm leaving because I realise now that I have approached this whole process with the wrong mindset. The mindset of fear. I have had some
Hi WA CommunityJust a quick note to thank Kyle, Carson and everyone here at WA who have helped me with my silly questions and enquiries as I have shovelled my way through Course 1. I have achieved far, FAR more than I did last time I was a member, not least finding a niche that I have decided to stick with for more than a few hours!Also.. I have created a website!!! I mean.. how?! This is me! I can't do that sort of thing?! Clearly though I can and it is all thanks to you all here! What an AMAZ
I don't think of myself as a guy with any specific talents especially when it comes to computers. I can't code or program, I've never built a website or, to be honest, even really written many posts. But I'm someone who lives in eternal hope that something better is on the horizon even though I spend a lot of time daydreaming about it and being too scared to take the first step.This is why I wanted to return again to Wealthy Affiliate. I didn't have the time to devote to it when I had a quick l