Course 2 Lesson 10: Assignment Progress Report

Last Update: February 28, 2017

I have been a member of Wealthy Affilaite since March 2015 and opted for the Premium Membership before the end of my free 7 day trial.

I have to be honest and say I have underutilized my educational and income earning opportunities here although I do actively promote WA on social media and business opportunity websites, primarily IBO Toolbox.

Today's blog is my assignment for Course 2 Lesson 10 Per Kyle's Instructions.

Kyle is one of our Wealthy Affilaite Owners.

He is also one of our Certification and Bootcamp Instructions.

Meet Kyle and his Wife and Daughter

I must say that for someone who manages an extremely large member base ( over 500,000 members) he is not only available to any and all of us , he is available in a timely manner and relates to us all as individuals, as people. You are not just another ID number in the system here at WA.

You can learn more about Kyle and see what he brings to our community at the following link,

Now that you have met Kyle we also have another Admin and Owner. His name is Carson.

Meet Carson and His Family

I have not had an opportunity to interact with Carson as I have had with Kyle but I hear all good things about him from those who have had a chance to work with and get to know him.

For more about Carson , you can learn more about Carson and his contributions to our community right here,

We also have Jay who is our live Friday night live video host. Each friday nite Jay creates a brand new educational experience with his live presentation. After the webinar you may participate in questions and answers.

My Progress Report

My goal here was to create a petsupply website. I had a little trouble with branding and focused on my rescue site which my intention is to develop into a national directory of reputable rescue and rehoming programs nationally as well as a national veterinary resource database.

Visit this site at

I also have done some of the bootcamp courses but decided to focus more on niche websites and I build this awhile back, ended up tranferring combining content that started on my pet supply site as i became more focused on the audience I wished to target.

I got lost and just recently went in and made more revisions and reorganized to the end that my site is now presenting much better for SEO purposes.

I have built and deleted a few sites for business opportunity promotion , Wealthy Affilaite Included . I have discarded some along the way. I have one site I built some months ago and I am still contemplating developing or totally changing it. In the meantime had a light bulb and set off to develop another site promoting all my business opportunities with a theme of bitcoin and targeting an audience interested in bitcoin opportunites.

You can vist this site at

In the process I connected with a friend who happens to be on his way to WA Ambassadorship and got some tips that have helped me with both sites tremendously.

The progress I made after working with this associate has made a tremendous diference in my motivation to keep pushing forward to produce regular content and multiply my efforts substantially.

My next goals are to by consistent with producing content weekly at minimum on both sites and to get through the next courses.

I am told am will be getting to the monetization parts of certification very soon. i am extremely excited to coming to adding affiliate products to the sites and an adsense account.

I would love for you to come visit our community and experience what we have to offer here, even set up your own website as our guest, no payment required at

To Your Health and Prosperity


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