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April 17, 2017
Hello EveryoneI am writing this to my friends out there that are building their business. The most important thing anyone needs for their online business is a blog. It doesn't matter what you are doing. You blog is your online office.It is the online equivalent of what a brick and mortar location would be for an offline business. It is a door you can open for you customers. A place they can visit and get to know you and see what you have going on. The beauty of a web/site/blog is you it will pr
I have been a member of Wealthy Affilaite since March 2015 and opted for the Premium Membership before the end of my free 7 day trial.I have to be honest and say I have underutilized my educational and income earning opportunities here although I do actively promote WA on social media and business opportunity websites, primarily IBO Toolbox. Today's blog is my assignment for Course 2 Lesson 10 Per Kyle's Instructions.Kyle is one of our Wealthy Affilaite Owners.He is also one of our Certificatio
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November 13, 2015
I just wanted to say Hello and touch base with all of my followers. I have not been working at WA very much for the last several months but will be here more and more. I am looking forward to catching up with everyone I have missed who has been following me and I will gradually be doing that.Also it is getting to be that time to update my profile and I will let you all know what I get to it.I currently have 3 websites hosted here,2 of which I will be developing more and the 3rd is just in its i
Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Marketing University which provides you the all the tools and education you need to build an online business in any niche or area of interest or expertise as well as promote an already existing business.Wealthy Affiliate provides you the the first and single most important thing you need for the foundation of any business and it is FREE TO GET STARTED. You will need to have a website to showcase your expertise in your area of interest or the niche you are promoti
July 21, 2015
I am updating my profile at Wealthy Affiliate today.About 3 years ago I was sitting in my kitchen in Phoenix , the temperature hitting upper 80ties, sweating bullets thinking there has got to be a way I can make a living with my computer.I have been involved in sales and marketing of home based businesses for over 20 years with no success. I began looking again for something, this time on the internet. I began with surveys. I joined about a dozen reputable companies. I was opening emails for $.0
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How Do I Make Money On The Internet ?Welcome to MY Wealthy Affiliate Blog. This is a huge communication system. I can write about anything I want here.I can use it for so many purposes.I can use my blog here at Wealthy Affiliate to communicate with other members. Here we have access to over 300,000 members. You can follow people from all over the world with a library of interests and back round and experience in the world of internet marketing.Every time I publish something on my blog an email
I have just come from Wealthy Affiliate. I went there to respond to someone's post with information that may be of help to her. A website address belonging to another member. What I noticed is I have 232 followers. About 180 off these followers I have been in contact with personally at some time over the last 14 months since when I first became a member in March 2014. The 1st thing I want to tell you, as most of you know when you get involved with a business you get a back office. Yes I have an
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April 29, 2015
Hi everyone.I have recently become an alternative medical practitioner with a license that allows me to practice. I am qualified to evaluate a clients overall health and well being, as well as make specific recommendations and/or referrals to an appropriate specialist.I am not legally qualified to diagnose.In my opinion a medical doctor is not educated in the correct concepts to be qualified to diagnose.And they do not. They interview a patient , they run tests and then they use the best of thei
January 17, 2015
Hello everyone. I have been gone for about 4 months due to issues on the job site I had been contracted to be at. It turned into a seriously bad situation and I have removed myself from the contract. This is my first opportunity to get back to Wealthy Affiliate . During the course of what happened I have totally switched gears and have chosen to enter the Health and Wellness Industry. I am in school full time and have reevaluated what I am doing with my life and my time and with my businesses.
Yup. Procrastinating again on working on my websites. I got a little more done.I have 2 more obstacles to overcome before moving on to the next part of bootcamp. Raven's Cat Rescue now has 10 cats. One is mine. One is not rehomable and 4 of them are ready to go. I got one response to my ad on Craigslist from a man looking for an 11 yr old cat that disappeared 6 weeks ago about 7 miles away from me in an area I lost a cat in yrs ago. I tried to explain to him, sir the cat is not coming back, the