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Do you ever get the feeling that you've got just a little too much on your plate to handle? Or it could be way too much really. Or maybe you don't have enough to do, that's an issue too! You know, it doesn't even have to be a plate for this analogy to work either. It's just such a widely used expression, it seemed so easy to relate to..

Gah! I'm about to mess of this aren't I?

I certainly hope not, but I have spent a lot of words on making such a simple point: That sometimes life is a mess to deal with, like a whirlwind of nails and teeth, and hot dogs. You can't always say what is going to happen next or even prepare for it. So I want to chat for a wee bit about the importance of bringing back the equilibrium (not to be confused with the Christian Bale movie!)

Personally I feel that movie was a tad underappreciated, to be honest. Christian Bale is a fantastic actor that I feel is respected a lot for his roles in movies like the Batman series. That's fair, especially with The Dark Knight being such a groundbreaking hit. But movies like Equilibrium and The Fighter are worth investing time into as well, and of course who could forget American Psycho!

So many tasty options, but best left for another day. Back to the topic at hand!

Take Some Time to Find Your Center

Everybody has a different idea of what the perfect balance is in life - that is assuming you've even found yours. And it's a conclusion we all come to at different rates thanks to wide variety of lifestyles we live, making our goal infinitely more complicated to reach. You may go a long time before you ever figure it out, but don't sweat it. Sometimes it is a total and complete fluke when the answers come to us in life, much like overcoming a steady bout of writer's block.

Am I "write" or am I right?

So where do we find the answers then, oh wise-cracking one? And why is this so important anyway?

Well it's easy, but not really that easy. You may have the answers already but just haven't made your way to them yet. Perhaps you can't get there for reasons beyond your control (your ideal lifestyle is not in the budget, always a bummer!). Or maybe you're another lost soul in a sea of dead end jobs, swimming from one to the next in hopes of finding that perfect combination of happiness and decent pay. At least this is my take on things while pushing 2 AM when I started writing this piece.

I kind of see it like struggling to keep hold of a slippery eel. If you don't hold on, it's gonna get away. And if you try too hard, it'll probably end just the same. What a rip, I know!

But there's something that we tend to not give enough credit to, and that's all the little clues scattered along the way. During the tussle with the eel, how long did you spend pondering the importance of your footing and balance on the boat? And we know that balancing your grip is already a touchy issue, but there is always something more to juggle isn't there?

But enough about eels! (Seriously gross and slimy, so let's move on)

The point is that, at any point in life we always have a balance to maintain. The possibility that you can overdo or under do something is almost always present, and consequences vary. Balancing on your bicycle and balancing the budget for your wedding are on 2 very different levels, but both require you to find a healthy middle ground in order to succeed.

And balance comes in different kinds as well, of course.

It could be physical (as seen in the eel example) or something a bit more abstract, like spiritual balance. It's a subject that I am by no means an expert in, so I'll leave that to the many Gurus on the site here instead.

But I will say that your inner workings are indeed very important, so perhaps we'll go back to that down the road.

Inner Peace and You!

I want to focus mainly on the importance of a balanced lifestyle. Even the best of us get caught in the trap sometimes, letting our lives get a bit scrambled. Have you ever gone into what was supposed to be a 40 hour week at work, and finished at around 50? 60? 100? Sleep is for the weak, or so I've been told.

Maybe the odd bill gets paid late because, let's face it, everybody is asking for money all the time. Not to mention only half of my bills come in through the mail, the others through email.. If at all! Even the good old' email spam blockers work against us at times.

And boy, I sure could go for a nice big glass of wine right about now. No wait, I'm really feeling it after the day I've had so I might as well grab the whole bottle. I can always sleep in if I need to - oh darn never mind, I have to work a double tomorrow because the office manager put us in crunch mode until further notice. Maybe I'll just call in sick..

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

If not, that's okay too. We come from different walks of life and thus have led different lives. The fact that we can be here together, communicating with such ease still blows my mind.

But if it does ring some bells.. Then you may have already come to the conclusion that a little balance goes a long way. Being able to spread yourself fairly between work, friends, family, hobbies, chores, sleep, etc. can be a daunting task. Especially when any slice of the pie tries to eat the others. I'm looking at you again, work!

I'm talking about this because I don't want you to make the same foolish mistakes that myself (c'mon, you knew I was referencing my own life) and millions of others do every day. Pursue a more balanced lifestyle to avoid losing friends, family, mind, body, or otherwise!

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Like that title? Me too. Here's a couple helpful starter tips:

1. Its important for us to accept that there is only so many hours in a day
, and that we can't please absolutely everybody even at our best. Nor can you get it all done sometimes either, Superman! So chill out and just do your best.

2. Your way of doing things often isn't the best way - and that's pretty normal so don't worry. There's a reason a label like "The Best" carries such authority, because really..

..there can only be one! (Enough with the jokes, Dad!)

But seriously, take your time and figure out the best way to get things done. Develop your ability to become more efficient at things and use that to turn your websites into real moneymakers!

3. If we set our expectations too high, we fail right from the beginning. That doesn't make your goals bad necessarily, but it is easy to bite off more than you can chew. Don't be afraid to come back to tasks later or give them more time than you originally quoted. If it's worth having, it's worth working for - within reason of course!

Closing Thoughts

I know I there's a fair bit of muddled thoughts and awkward life advice mixed in that wall of text, so if you're down here now, thank you. I thought to myself in a "moment of clarity" last night that I should hurry up remind people that there's more to life than working yourself to death, being in bad relationships, and eating junk food. But sometimes the words get away from me when I need them most.

Anyways I hope it made sense for some folks and feel free to reach out, of course. I'm here for you guys like the others have been for me. That's what community is all about.

Cheers and God Bless


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Mick18 Premium
I've enjoyed your post. You have excellent writing skills. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

TysonE1 Premium
Thanks Mickey! I'm more than happy to provide
SStubbins1 Premium

Your blog was very interesting. It was full with very sensible and thought provoking information. i think you did an exceptional job even reminding us to sit back and take a little time to enjoy the view.
TysonE1 Premium
Hey Sharon, my pleasure!

I eventually hope to be able to write in a way and scale that can help people. Its not meant to be anything brilliant that I write, only useful. Because from experience I can say that people spend a lot of time looking for things online. Like, a LOT.

At least I'll never get bored, heh.

AnnieSco Premium
Another wonderfully written piece! It's so incredibly relatable! I just replied to the comment on the last one with a couple of tips that you've obviously already mastered! It was very funny & just exudes jubilee!

Do you have a site yet bc I can't wait to subscribe!
TysonE1 Premium
Annie, my biggest fan it would seem!

I kid of course (maybe), but I appreciate the awesome support no less. I have checked out the sites you suggested and it's very good stuff. I suppose it leads me to believe there is a lot more I have to learn about writing styles and whatnot.

"What is a master but a master student? And if that's true, then there's a responsibility on you to keep getting better and to explore avenues of your profession." -Neil Peart

Yup that's me I think =)

Oh and I'm steadily building a website, but maaan I've barely been here a week so we haven't sent the flyers out yet. And with all that learning to do still, affiliate bootcamp stuff, product reviews, phew! Off I go again..

Thanks for keeping it real,
AnnieSco Premium
Lol! Love the quote! Well when you do want to show off your site, I'll be here!
Dedo52 Premium
Wow Tyson!

How many posts could you write from just this one, (so much going on)? You've got a whole website of content right there...

Okay joking aside (I wasn't really), I loved reading your words, and if you were up 'till the early hours, I bet you had a peaceful nights sleep after emptying your head into the computer screen.

It's quite coincidental, but I've just finished watching Chris Anderson explain how to make a great TED talk, and he mentioned using just one idea in its entirety to explain and get it into peoples minds. Just saying.

Great post BTW

TysonE1 Premium
Hey there, firstly thank you for the comment of course! I always appreciate the opportunity to interact with others here - such a solid community!

But also I appreciate the criticism too. I did hammer out a small novel there when I could be pumping some more of that writing into my websites. Anyhow, the sleep was sound indeed last night as you had guessed, haha.

It's gonna be back to the drawing board again shortly, I think I prefer to work away at night than the day anyway.

Good night to you and yours,