Anyone know scholarship scams

Last Update: November 02, 2017

My daughter is in final year of high school and we have started looking for universities for next year. One of her desires is to get a sports scholarship and study abroad, mainly in the USA or Canada.

She has been researching various colleges and universities. She then found this scholarship agency and we were invited to a introductory interview two weeks ago. They are affiliated to several universities which pay them a commission on successful placement of students either in full tuition, partial scholarship or full scholarship. They handle all preparatory work and engage with universities, assist with SATs, sports excellence coaching and generally preparedness for achieving the required standards of various universities and scholarship programmes.

The Offer

So we were both excited. They indicated that they charge a fee for the facilitation as they take away the tedious work of individual applications and numerous and varied requirements. So my daughter had to write a short motivational essay. A week later we received the "Congratulations, you have been admitted to the Scholarship Programme"

In order to secure this great opportunity you need to fill in the forms of acceptance and

1. pay the facilitation fee of R17600 (approx $1366).

2. To secure your place you have to a deposit of R6200 (approx $476) with 14 days.

This is a one time offer, you cannot get an extension or get an opportunity to reapply. Thereafter you should pay the balance within 30 days of the deposit or choose a payment plan of 3, 6 or 12 months to pay the balance.

3. If you are successful in getting a scholarship awarded, you will then have to pay placement fee of R8000 (approx $615) within 30 days of the award otherwise the offer will be cancelled.

4. If the student meets all the required criteria, and complies with all the conditions of the scholarship assistance programme (timely payments, submission of documents etc) and not get a scholarship (full or partial) the agency guarantees that they will refund the facilitation fee in full.


Honestly, while I appreciate that they do offer a service, I was taken aback by the fee and the conditions around it. It made me wonder if this was worthwhile or not as that is more than the annual school fees for my son who is starting Grade 1 in January.

Do you know of these services and relative charges and chances of success. I am not sure what to make of this.

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drcmaint Premium
I would say, contact the college or university directly and find out what they have to offer. I do not think that you should put money up front to get selected.
tyrellch Premium
I should have better success I am sure following that route.
accad Premium
I think that is a burden to anyone seeking a scholarship. Imagine you have to pay a thousand.
I suggest you better consult directly with the Universities that offer a scholarship to students and not to any agency or a group that the more will drain you financially.
tyrellch Premium
That sounds like a great idea. Will do so. Thanks
Traveller75 Premium
I would be very careful with this, seems to me they are way to pushy with their deadlines and then paying more later when you are of course approved. Check it out carefully.
tyrellch Premium
That's what my gut is telling me. Thanks Wayne.
Phil-58 Premium
Cant help you with this issue, unfortunately
I live in Ireland, so it's different over here
best wishes
cheers PB
tyrellch Premium
Thanks PB