Some Advice For New Members Of Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: March 11, 2014

Joining WA is a double edged sword. I learned so much about building websites and getting traffic which is easier than building the site in my opinion but I also used to spend so much time helping people I wouldn't get my own work done. All things in moderation, I suppose that includes helping people too lol.

I can honestly say that WA taught me the basics and gave me the ability to stand on my own two feet in the marking world but it didn't come easy. I spent countless hours asking questions and learning 1 step at a time.

I joined back before they had all this boot camp stuff and I had to dig and claw for the info I needed but the community is what keeps you going and not because of some magic energy but because it allows you to get the help you need so that you keep learning and moving forward.

Yes I am making money from my websites. I have many more than are posted on here and some that are posted I've sold, I don't update my profile here as much as I should. (that's a side effect from being too busy making money)

My biggest advice is that once you pick a niche stick with it. Do not change before you get the site off the ground.

Everyone laughs and says OH everyone changes their niche but if you're smart you won't. Trust me the grass is not any greener on the other side of the fence.

If you're not sure what niche to choose jump right into the Boot Camp and ignore everything else. They have that mapped out so that if you follow the instructions you can't hardly mess it up.

Another piece of advice is pick niches with residual incomes like WA, once you sell one from WA you keep getting paid as long as the person is a member. Electronic cigarettes are a great niche for the same reason just FYI. (if you want to get into the E cig niche let me know I can help you.

Also try to find things that have at least 1 tier downline (not MLMs though stay clear of MLMs) again e cigs are good for this but the residual income is the only way to go. Don't waste time doing anything that has a one time commission. You will end up with banners and adwords on your site as well as related recommendations that will be one time commissions and that's fine, I am referring to the main niche of the website having a residual income.

Let me know if you have any questions I am always happy to help.

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LisaShuman Premium
Thanks for sharing. I completely agree with you.
After awhile I got the message that I need to be dropping all those campaigns because not a one of them were performing, half finished, not done right, not getting traffic, etc.

One day I did. I had an awful time April of last year and letting others control me, I almost left WA. I began cleaning house after I was told by an unnamed person that my blogs (on WA) needed to be removed and my write privileges permanently revoked.

My response was the removal of over 100 blogs on here and most of my websites on WA Hosting. If I had passwords to all of my websites, they would have all been taken down at that point. I was done at that point. I would be out afterwards looking for permanent employment and to write this all off as out of my league.

Not a good response to some criticism I had gotten, but it did have a positive outcome and not all was bad.

Two websites I didn't have the details at the time for was my personal blog "DanielEuergetes (dot) com", so it got spared. The other is a gaming site for a local game store that I'm permanently locked out of. Well, sort of. I've got one way I can get into it, but not now. With no backups at the time, all of those sites are now gone or have been re-installed as brand new installations.

In spite of what actions I took with this, it left me with one thing - one campaign I had been actively working on (above) and a release from a whole bunch of other campaigns that were not getting anywhere.

I had been told before about having too many campaigns going and needless to say, how I reacted to the the criticism was not good, but it did have long-reaching effects that would allow for me to begin making money. Income from my site has not stopped and I don't think it will now as long as I keep busy on it.

It may seem good at the time to be working on several websites, but more times than not, esp for beginners, this is a sure-fire way to fail.

Build ONE campaign up, build out the site and get it going. When it begins making money and is consistently doing so, I'd fortify it and then begin another campaign. Don't pen yourself in! One at a time...
Ty Johnson Premium
That's exactly right.
TravelHacker Premium
This is a great intro post for newbies! (Well, if I'm honest, a great reminder for the rest of us too :) I'm gonna bookmark it for future reference...
Ty Johnson Premium
Oddly enough this came directly from the answer I sent a newbie in PM. He was just asking me to give him some encouragement and advice. I edited it a bit for the blog post but I felt there was some stuff in here that any newbie could benefit from.

Thanks for the comment my friend.