My Wealthy Affiliate Story

Last Update: October 24, 2012
Hello everyone. I'm Ty Johnson and this is my Wealthy Affiliate story. I joined here on black Friday 2011. When I first landed here I knew absolutely nothing about Internet marketing except that there was a lot of people offering to teach me all kinds of ways to make a ton of money in no time flat and none of them ever delivered on their promises.

When I first came across WA I had already been through the ringer a few times and I was not really willing to spend money to see if they were the real deal. You have to keep in mind at that time they didn't have any kind of free trial at all.

I was in luck however because shortly after I started getting emails from them they announced that for one day only they were having a $1 for 1 month trial period and you better believe for a buck I pounced on the opportunity.

I was very eager when I signed up and I was determined that for a buck I would give it an honest go and keep an open mind. I got in chat right away and started asking a ton of questions and I was so shocked at the amount of help people gave me.

Questions that I had been wondering about for a very long time were laid out before me on a silver platter! Kyle and many other people started explaining about how to build websites, connect with people vie keywords, and you know basically explained to me the big picture of what I was trying to learn.

Now here it is almost a year later and I have come so far and learned so much. I can build websites, and market them successfully and I make a little bit of money to boot and that money is growing all the time.

I don't consider the money I make to be the only measure of my success tho.

All of my life I have wanted to figure out a way to help people and make a living doing it. This has been at the very core of my life from the time I can remember.

I have always helped people and I have always made a pretty good living but I was never able to bring those two together until I found Wealthy Affiliate. I guess in a very real way you could say that Kyle & Carson have helped me achieve a life long dream of mine.

Helping people is exactly what they teach here, I mean they teach you how to build websites and market them but anytime you ask either one of them they will tell you that helping people comes first then success follows.

Being a member of this community has done nothing short of change my life. The people here are often very inspiring to me as well. I think it's the atmosphere here but WA just seems to bring out the best in people.

It can even serve to restore faith in humanity some days. I mean seriously how often do people do anything for one another these days? Everywhere you look people are mean, rude, self centered and basically heartless! Around here tho people bend over backwards to help each other.

My advice to newcomers is work through the Getting Started course and take action on each step along the way. I also stress getting involved with us in the live chat area as well. Making friends can be very helpful in this business and in your education.

We all measure success in different ways. Leave me a comment below and let me know how you define success for yourself.
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myzone2012 Premium
This is a great post Ty. To read that you knew nothing about IM barely a year ago and compare that t0 where you are at now shows how much value one can get from WA if they are willing to. The way everyone (including you) willing contribute to the success of the other without reservation is so amazing and I am very pleased to be part of this community.
uridium Premium
Ty, I know you're going to go far, as you are slowly but surely building up your business rather than expecting everything to happen over night. To your continued success. - Phil.
Very good Ty, WA is wonderful. I wouldn't be without it.
tommo1968 Premium Plus
You are so correct Ty ask and your question will be answered. If not by the first person by the second or third there is always someone here in authority on every aspect of Internet marketing.

I was shy at the beginning thinking I could learn on my own....not so. I soon starting asking questions and my knowledge grew ten fold overnight. It was amazing. I now feel I have enough info to help out other newbies and I have only really been at this part time for a few months.
Hudson Premium
Great story Ty, all newbies should read it. I agree that helping others, and just making progress without making money brings just as much personal reward/satisfaction, although making some money does at least prove that the approach works and is a powerful incentive to continue,