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Hi Gang

Have been kicking around Wealthy Affiliate since 2007 and loving it. Good luck, see you around the site and DON'T EVER QUIT!!!

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uridium Premium
Hey Fellow Brit! I my opion (and many others) you should send to your own page first where you can capture their name. Firstly, it means you have more than one opportunity to put your offer in front of them (some peopole take up to 7 times to see an offer before they buy), but more importantly, you can then promote to this person again and again with other related products for free, just by sending an email. ALWAYS, get their names and build a list, that should be your main priority in affiliate marketing. So, what's your fave maiden album, mine would be Killers, and also from the Bruce era, somewhere in time.

sarlat Premium
Hi Phil
Loved you IM Lazer resource. Really helpful. I'm also a brit (London based) and love Iron Maiden etc as well!!
What I want to know is when you do article marketing do you normally send the punter straight to an affiliate link of the product you are promoting or do do you send to a squeeze page where you can capture email etc.
uridium Premium
Sorry mate, only just checked back here for first time in ages! Yeah, used to have a 64, best pc at the time I would say although many would say the speccy, both were cool and I spent many wasted hours on those things! One of the best games has to be Ghosts 'n' Goblins ;)
garyt1992 Premium
Hi uridium I really appreciate your taking the time to review my original web site. I know it isn't very good. I am beginning to learn what I need to do and am in week 4 of the training. I was into Tai Kwando to the Black belt level in 1985. Now i'm 74 and do Tai Chi every day. To old for fighting but not for thinking. Again I thank you for your time. The best of luck with your IM and the rest of your life. My son was into all the heavy metal bands.
Did you used to have a Commodore 64?