Avatars, Gravatars-What next?

Last Update: December 02, 2016

Has anyone edited any pages on other sites? I have and found that I needed a "gravatar" to complete the edit. Does anyone know what is the difference between and avatar and a gravatar? I have an "avatar" on this page. It is spices in spoons. I have another one on my main email address which is a pink flower.

To me, this is somewhat useful. My actual pic of my face can be substituted with something else.

I found a few answers to my questions on the suggested site to learn more on gravatars. Interesting word.

I like to separate words into syllables and find the root word. Once I find it I look for the meaning in google or a home dictionary. If helps to get the best meaning and use of the word in question.

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Elijah1916 Premium
Gravatar is GLOBALLY RECOGNISED AVATAR, as VitalityG said its more spread across different platforms and attached to a particular email you use to register the Gravatar, Gravatar works only with your email, and nothing else, and will show only when you use this email to comment.
VitaliyG Premium
Gravatar is basically an avatar itself that is more spread across different platforms (your site, other people's site when you comment). It is more of an official central type avatar people use these days.

Now avatars like the one you use in WA is more localized and they can be any image you choose. For example, forums have the option of you making your own avatar as does WA, but it not connected to your gravatar account.
theresroth Premium
It is truly a great help to establish a flexible and clear profile identity on one's site!
drjec Premium
Now that you have asked the question, I realize that I have been assuming they are the same thing just different words for different forums. I will be interested to see other answers.