8 Points To Keep In Mind When Striving For Online Success

Last Update: January 18, 2021

I think there are probably more than 8 points to keep in mind when striving for online success but I thought I would keep it relatively concise, too many and eyes will start to glaze over if they haven't already.

I seem to have taken on board a lot of information of late, mainly in the form of videos, though I haven't watched them, just had the audio coming through my headphones whilst working on other things.

It's a good exercise, not sure what in though, to be writing whilst listening to something completely unrelated. (Currently listening to "I AM" Affirmations For Success, Wealth & Happiness)

So, this is the paraphrased and added to version of a short video by one of the many successful marketers I follow, in a haphazard kind of way.

1) Integrity- As C.S. Lewis once said: "Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching." Sums it up quite nicely methinks.

2) Say it how it is- People will appreciate that more than you know. Honesty together with integrity is a powerful combination.

3) Don't promote bad products- There are enough good ones out there without having to push the bad ones, no matter how appealing the remuneration might be. Remember, you are trying to build a long term business, so you want customers to come back time and time again.

4) Learn how to do 'marketing' properly and correctly. There is an endless supply of knowledge out there, use it.

5) Don't spam- Make sure that you are always providing value.

6) Be yourself- Bottom line, don't copy others, you're selling yourself short. You are unique.

7) "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is."- Once armed with knowledge and understanding, you will see these so-called 'opportunities' coming from a long way off.

8) Concentrate more on your journey and less on the money.- Take your time to build a solid foundation and the money will inevitably come.

There you have it, short and sweet. As previously stated, it's not comprehensive and I am sure you can think of other salient points but it's not a bad place to start.

As I was bouncing from video to video I did come across a most enlightening audio track. The chances are it's only me that didn't know this existed and that when I disclose the title you will all say "Can't believe you've not heard of that"

It was Earl Nightingale's 1956 spoken-word recording "The Strangest Secret in the World". If, you have half an hour to spare then I highly recommend listening to it. There is also a thirty-day challenge built into it which I am trying hard to adhere to.

My radar blipped when I heard the name, having heard part of it within the name of a well-known publishing house 'Nightingale-Conant' of which I have a number of their recorded works. I enjoy finding things like this, it's like you were meant to uncover them.

In other news, I sold a car over the weekend, which was nice. Well, I say that but in all honesty, I no longer enjoy the experience, too 'stressy' for my liking, especially when the buyer has a three and a half-hour drive home.

More pieces of the puzzle are both appearing and falling into place, which is both exciting and at the same time saddening, as the time I have to write and interact here is diminishing. There will be tough choices to be made in the coming weeks as the annual subscription date draws near.

Well now, time's up. Thank you for taking the time to read my offering and I hope that your week is shaping up to be spectacular, I know mine is. Stay safe.

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” — Greg Anderson

Twack Romero

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    Carson Premium Plus
    Hey Twack, you've hit the nail on the head with this post - it all comes down to being an ethical marketer and someone who can be trusted. At the foundation of every successful business that has longevity, is a trustworthy owner who has their visitors/clients' best interests at the core.

    I think that it's great to reiterate what that means - good post here :)
    Twack Premium
    Thank you, Carson, appreciate you stopping by.
    I think you have summed up the heart of the matter, those sentiments should be embedded in the cornerstone of our business.
    jghwebbrand Premium
    Thanks for shariing.
    Here's my favorite from your list of 8.
    Concentrate more on your journey and less on the money.- Take your time to build a solid foundation and the money will inevitably come

    That is such good advise especially for those who are new. Building a solid foundation is crucial.
    Twack Premium
    Thank you so much and I totally agree, without a strong foundation all else runs the risk of being fragile. Too many take the quick and easy route, which ends all too quickly.
    lesabre Premium
    Hi Twack, I was first mesmerized by the photo and felt myself in that person's place. Sure would be nice.
    Great points to keep in mind. Thank you for sharing them.

    All the best,
    Twack Premium
    Thank you, Michael, glad you liked the image, it's the first I have used from a batch I downloaded this morning and although one might argue that it's not directly related to the content, for me, it resonates with the 'journey' aspect.
    JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
    If I did the right thing in the woods and no one was around to see it, did I REALLY do it?😲

    Great post, my friend!
    Twack Premium
    Thank you, sir, an answer teetering on the philosophical and similar in its root to the "If a tree fell in the woods and there's no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?" to which I have my own theory on.
    As to your question, of course, only you know what you did in the woods😲.
    JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
    Ha Ha! Well played, and a scary thought, indeed! 😂
    Twack Premium
    🤣😂 I've tried to block it out🤣
    JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
    I know what you mean! 😲
    edhozubin Premium
    I am slowly getting back. I agree with your 8 points for success to establish authority & Brand which so important particularly when you can't look each other in the EYE! Onward and Upward somebody once said.
    Twack Premium
    Such pleasure to see you, Edward, thank you for coming by and I am pleased you enjoyed the points raised.
    As to the origin of 'onward and upward,' it's still debated, though some think it came from a piece written by James Russell Lowell back in the 1900s.