10 Rules Of Success, For Now.

Last Update: Feb 9, 2021

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Thirty-six (actually closer to forty now, my bad) and a half hours ago I sat down at my desk ready to start work on '10 Rules of Success, For Now', needless to say, I was somewhat remiss in my ability to see that one through.

Retrieving a couple of boxes turned into gutting one half of the room and sorting an unquantifiable amount of 'stuff' in the process.

Still, I'm here now and there will be no excuses this time around.

I quite often listen to YouTube videos whilst carrying out other work, my attempt at multi-tasking, you understand. For the most part, it can prove quite rewarding.

There are drawbacks though, as it's easy to get dragged away from what you are meant to be doing, if the secondary subject matter becomes captivating.

Anyway, as it turned out, yesterday was one of those times when I succumbed and ended up watching the video rather than doing whatever it was I was trying to do, this was after I had finished moving boxes.

Notepad and pen in hand I began taking notes of what I thought was a short video relaying someones 'rules for success'.

Unfortunately, I had obviously misread the title and it wasn't until I had reached rule number nine that I became aware of my error.

It wasn't ten rules, it was fifty. Now, any normal person would have just moved past this and made do with the ten but that option was not open to me.

I would explain but it would take too long and there are no guarantees that it would make any sense, let's just say there's something obsessive and possibly compulsive.

Enough of all that, let's get to the ten rules before it feels like fifty. I don't think they're in any particular order.

1) Practice success before you are successful. Self-esteem is the key to high performance

2) Know what you're passionate about. It's not work if you love what you do.

3) Surround yourself with great people who are both like-minded and better than yourself.

4) Perfection equals paralysis. Get comfortable making mistakes.

5) Focus on the few, not the many. Don't try to do too many things at the same time.

6) Believe ardently in what you do.

7) Constant organised stress. What gets measured gets accomplished. Keep people accountable, including yourself.

8) Just do it, take a swing. Be willing to sacrifice and make a commitment.

9) Always be extremely positive, get high on life, there's nothing quite like it.

10) Love yourself, be more selfish. Like what you see in the mirror.

Hard to believe that's there's another forty to try to adhere to, well, no one said it was going to be easy.

Before we adjourn, three questions to answer in light of the above.

Where do you need to raise your standards?

What 'good' habits do you need to cultivate?

Whose opinion of you do you need to let go?

This has been fun.

Twack Romero

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Great stuff Twack. It's chuck full of wisdom unfortunately when it comes down to it we often forget much of that.

Personally I believe in planning for success, working for success, believing for success, keep getting up for success and be prepared to adjust to meet success.

I believe we each have what it takes but only a few do what it takes.

Have a great day Twack.

Candy Benn

Thank you, Candy, I love the following:

"planning for success, working for success, believing for success, keep getting up for success and be prepared to adjust to meet success."

If you use the above as a daily affirmation or mantra then how could you fail?
I agree, unfulfilled potential is part of the human condition.

Have a fabulous day yourself😁.

Thank you Twack.

No 4. Perfection equals Paralysis - has been my 'Achilles Heel', Twack. I should probably say, it's been more like quicksand, as I'm really hard on myself when trying to get things right. Or wait before starting on something because the time wasn't right.

I've always wanted to have high standards and excellence, but would always beat myself up and start over every time I made a mistake instead of learning from it. I'm still growing in this area.

Appreciate the post!
Isaiah 😊

You need to remember that there is no such thing as perfection. It is something made up by the media but does not exist in reality.

In return, I appreciate your candor but I do think it's très cool that you have identified it, that's a major part of the battle right there.

Actually doing what I've been doing here has helped me no end with that, I wanted to write and explore what I was capable of and I couldn't do that if I was spending days deciding if it was good enough and even if I thought it was, that doesn't cater for if it's well received.
I soon changed my MO to 'publish first then amend if necessary'
Thank you, Isaiah.

You haven't seen my veggie shepherd's pie😉.

So true, Isaiah- and it isn't funny at all, that's just like me. In my case the result is at times it takes me hours when my coworker will take a few minutes just to finalize a report because am trying to make everything perfect before submission. That has been my Achilles heel for as long as I can remember.

Time to master this quicksand!!!

Ahh but food is different, though even then it depends upon the eye and taste of the beholder.

Excellent idea, Twack. I lost track of how many versions of drafts I kept saving over and over before finally hitting that publish button.

True! I can relate to that!

Thanks, Linda - I need to remind myself this going forward.

True, the whole concept of perfection is riddled with ambiguity, for who decides the criteria and by doing so do we not then have a sliding scale?
I wonder how many great works never saw the light of day because of the need for perfection and a fear of the critics.

Hmm, I need to focus more on the few, rather than the many.

I need to stop putting off the very few things I don't like doing, well 1 mainly, tax.

No one's, others opinion of me doesn't matter.

Well that made me think a bit Twack.

I agree with all those 10.

Glad you found them thought-provoking, I really should add the other forty (too many for one post methinks)
My wife has started 'Paperwork Mondays' at least half a dozen times but ultimately ends up spending a week before the online filing deadline, playing catch-up.
I agree with 'focusing on the few' but I also wonder if I would be able to apply all of my time to just one area.

When I was crafting and interacting alot with other crafters, every year one would say on April 7/8 "that's my tax done" for last year. I would decide that yes I would do that too but I would get busy and off it would go.

Depends if you are easily bored. I have a few websites because I would be bored with just one.
When I designed and crocheted the designs I always had several things on the go at once, despite the different designs all being in my head, lol.
If you can do it, I bet you would get loads done. Worth trying.

I agree and there are times when I think I would be better off just shelving everything and applying all my effort in one area, then I have a word with myself and carry on as before, life is much more fun when you're up against it the majority of the time.


Great post Twack! Great questions too! I do need to take a couple of minutes to reflect on them. Thanks for the great share.

My pleasure Carol and thank you in return. I made a note of all fifty and a part of me wonders what would happen if I applied all of them to my life😲.

LOL! I do wonder myself!

Awesome well needed quotes Twack
I have taken a few away for printing
Thank you for sharing

You are very welcome Simone and thank you. I was merely passing on something I thought was 'on the money' so to speak.

I know, but I love them away


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