First Impressions of a 'free' WA Member

Last Update: April 04, 2015

I have now been a 'free' member for just over 5 days. The last few days I have spent most of the day 'surfing' and reading other members blogs and comments and I have also posted some comments myself.

So far I am having a wonderful time in this community. Everyone here is so helpful even though I can see so many members are very busy, they still find time to comment and help. I have met alot of wonderful people so far and look forward to meeting so many more. I also hope in due time that I will be able to give back to this community and help others.

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Marith Premium
I totally agree with you. I have never seen a community like this. Love it here.
jvranjes Premium
We all have passed through this, I can imagine how you feel. Good that you are satisfied here. Jovo