Over the Moon

Last Update: January 14, 2019

It has been a long time now since my computer decided to give up the ghost and after 8 years of outstanding service, putting up with all my misspellings doing the corrections with never a complaint or criticism of my faults, the times I have asked it to transfer fees for the various programs that have resulted in me seeing no return has never resulted in adverse comments, I have always had a good relationship with my Sony Vaio and the kiss of life and a good cuddle did nothing to make it respond.

It has become necessary to send it to the recycling centre where it will receive some new parts and become a useful addition to someone else, if not some of it may go towards the spares dept at the computer shop.

Today I am the proud owner of a new laptop and after treading water for the past month can now think about moving forward with the WA training program.

Looking forward to my return and getting into the swing of things again.

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Thank you for sharing Paul.
CandP Premium
Eight years is a good lifespan for a computer. Your new one should be a vast improvement in terms of performance. Have fun learning what it can do.
Colette and Philip
Terand Premium
Congrats for your new business tool, Paul! :o)
sminman7 Premium
Welcome back! Good luck with the new laptop!
GlenPalo Premium
Congrats, Paul! My old desktop is just that, old. For some reason, all my desktop computers fail during the Christmas season. But I made it through the recent one. So, hopefully, it will last 2019. If not, then I see a laptop in my future.