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April 19, 2019
My New Logo.Its finally finished, I have to call it a draw, the wheels have been turning for quite a while to solve the logo issue, finally I have made the decision to cease changing it any further, it's finished, done, complete, no further alterations will ever be made.When attached to my header, seen on the left it seems to me to look effective, I hope that the wise and the wonderful amongst you have a similar thought to mine, however I am open to criticism if there is something radically wro
March 19, 2019
Today I have just completed my level one training, believe me when I say this has not been an uneventful time, starting just before the Christmas break gave me little time to get my head around anything, then to top it all my computer packed in and left me stranded with no access to the internet.New laptop and then on to the training, but life gets in the way, it was almost the middle of February before I managed to really open my mind to following the training, I found that it was very difficu
March 08, 2019
“Oh Dear Its Friday”, this is a strange day in our house, nothing ever seems to stay in the place where you put it, things have a habit of turning up where you least expect them to be.Normally our house runs quite well, its organized and the various ornaments stay where we put them, but never von a Friday. Do we have a mysterious poltergeist that appears every Friday and disrupts our normal routines?
February 18, 2019
Finally, I have made the effort and spent my Christmas present, at first, I was a little taken aback, not the sort of present that I personally could benefit from I thought. How wrong this proved to be, as I have gained an insight into the many wonderful ways that people benefit from small gifts. I have found people from poorer nations who have the tenacity to go out and overcome their financial problems, to help others, to grow their own businesses, sharing and giving employment to others, the
January 14, 2019
It has been a long time now since my computer decided to give up the ghost and after 8 years of outstanding service, putting up with all my misspellings doing the corrections with never a complaint or criticism of my faults, the times I have asked it to transfer fees for the various programs that have resulted in me seeing no return has never resulted in adverse comments, I have always had a good relationship with my Sony Vaio and the kiss of life and a good cuddle did nothing to make it respon
November 23, 2018
So I have DONE IT! Taken the plunge, I am now a premium yearly member,There is not many days left to get your share of this amazing offer, immediatly on signing up I received a fantasic introduction from Kyle.If you live in the UK you nmay wiell remember that in 2016 we had a referendum on something called Brexit, very little information just a simple Yes No vote, Only after the vote did we really discover what it was all about.Well it appears WA has offered us this opportunity but now I have