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Last Update: November 23, 2018

So I have DONE IT! Taken the plunge, I am now a premium yearly member,

There is not many days left to get your share of this amazing offer, immediatly on signing up I received a fantasic introduction from Kyle.

If you live in the UK you nmay wiell remember that in 2016 we had a referendum on something called Brexit, very little information just a simple Yes No vote, Only after the vote did we really discover what it was all about.

Well it appears WA has offered us this opportunity but now I have signed up I find this is a simply amazing place to be.

Just some of the things on offer, I did not know or maybe not take the trouble to find out.

Live video classes

The first one is uncovering the secret sauce to creating a successful and thriving business.

A PDF dowload

On what leads folks to creating multi-million dollar businesses, and what leads others to mediocrity (or worse yet, failure. Something we all need to know if we are to avoid fasilure.

5 Weeks of live training.

Here we have a 5-part training series, offered over 5 consecutive

weeks. In this training Jay is going to show how to take a brand new
idea and establish a business in the matter of FIVE short weeks.

5 Weeks to a succesful business, thats a nanosecond to the time I have been trying to create an income, any income, I have not even succeeded in getting the peanut cases let alone an peanut.

Live Class: Creating a Brand

IN this class they cover the most critical elements of an “early brand” and it is going to
allow you to speed up your authoritative positioning within your niche
by many weeks.

Note: the word WEEKS again we are shortening the time it takes to do this.

Live Class: Building your Niche website.

OK so now we have a Brand, with the internet we can create a thriving business.

With this class they cover the Framework, first the Brand every siccesful business starts here.Then the steps you need to set up the website based around that brand and its all here at your fingertops in this class.

Live Class: Keyword Comprehension.

In this class they investigate how to understand and research low competition keywords, The differences between a keyword that evokes consumer intent and one that

doesn’t can have a significant bearing on your website success.

Live Class: Promoting Affiliate Sites.

In this class they take a close look at how you are going to go about choosing the products you should promote, where to find the best products and integrating these into your promotions.

Live Class: Scaling your Business.

A long term business takes planning. Follow this training and get some of the most fundamental principles to online success.

If thats not enough, there is a Bonus thats worth the cost of annual subscription on its own.

They are offering here A LOT of slated rollouts in 2019, in fact our busiest one we

have ever had. We are going to be offering early beta access to some of
these platforms prior to launching.

Join as a Black Friday member and you will have exclusive access to these platforms.

So You can chose, vote YES and enter the WA highest level, take advantage of the Black Friday Deal.

Further reading is here:

If you are already a member then take action whilst this offer is still open.

If you are not a memberr of WA then you can become part of this fantastic group of people, recieve all these advantages just click on the link below.

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MegaWealthy9 Premium
Well done, Paul! I hope I can join you as yearly premium member soon! :-)

Fleeky Premium
To you
Vickic3 Premium
well done Paul
Great choice and all the best moving forward
smartketeer Premium
Congrats Paul!

Wise decision!

Said by another yearly member :)