The Experiment with 4 Monkeys as Told by Joel Osleen

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This story was so well stated that I just had to share with you all here... so, let's begin.

 ----- The Story -----

There’s a large life waiting for you; don’t stay contained. Don’t talk yourself out of it. If you’ll think bigger, you’ll live bigger.

I saw an experiment that was done with 4 monkeys.

They placed them in a room with a large pole in the center. At the top of the pole was a bunch of bananas.

The first monkey hurried up the pole, so excited. Couldn’t wait to get a banana.

But just when he was about to reach for one, a large bucket of cold water was pulled on him.

He scurried down that pole as fast as he could. He didn’t want to have anything to do with those bananas.

After a few minutes, the second monkey went up.

The same thing happened. Poured the cold water on him.

He turned around, ran back.

Over the next hour, the other 2 monkeys went up. But, once again, they were doused with water, came running back down.

Day after day went by. Even though those monkeys loved bananas, they wouldn’t dare go up that pole.

At that point, the researchers removed one monkey and brought a new monkey in.

This new monkey started going up the pole.

When he did, the other 3 monkeys grabbed him, pulled him down, and wouldn’t let him go up.

He tried again and again and again. They wouldn’t let him.

Finally, he gave up, quit trying.

Researchers brought in another monkey, and removed an original one.

Same thing. When he went up, the 3 other monkeys grabbed him.

Eventually, the room was filled with dozens of monkeys. None of them the original.

None of them had felt the dousing of water. But, not one of them would go up that pole.

They didn’t know why; they just knew they couldn’t have those bananas.

Sometimes, we’re like these monkeys.

We don’t know why we can’t do something great, why we can’t accomplish a dream, why we can’t break an addiction.

All we know is nobody in our family has done it, now they’re pulling us down, telling us how we can’t be successful, throwing water on our passion.

Generation after generation being limited, pulled down, because of wrong thinking.

My message today is very simple.

Go get your bananas.

Somebody may have told you, you can’t do it.

Nobody in your family did it; daddy didn’t do it, granddaddy didn’t do it, great-grandaddy didn’t do it, that’s okay.

This is a new day.

You’re the difference maker, rise up and go get what belongs to you.

Quit letting people pull you down.

Your friends, your relatives, your coworkers, they may mean well but He didn’t put the dream in them, He put the dream in you. [I've altered ONE word in this sentence, in order to comply with WA rules.]

Don’t let them talk you out of it.

Don’t settle where you are because everybody around you is stuck.

Go get your bananas. And get me one while you’re there.

But you’ve got to learn how to encourage yourself.

You can’t rely on people to keep you built up and cheer you on.

Sometimes people will let you down.

They’ll try to keep you at the same level.

They may not see what you can see.

~ this is a partial speech of Joel Osteen that I heard earlier today and felt the need to share with you here.

Hope you have enjoyed this parable as much as I did.


Credit for Header Image by Dmitry Abramov and Damaris Dharmah from Pixabay

Credit for Ape Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Credit for Bucket Image by HUNG QUACH from Pixabay

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Brilliant share, Trish!
I may be a little biased because I know the one you exchanged the word for - we all need to know Him and the value of this message.
Thank you so much for sharing!
PS I notice a lot of members are detailing credit for the images used in WA blogs, as I have not been so active in the community I may have missed something. Is there a reason for the credits? Other than it being the "right thing to do".

Hey Louise,

I'm glad you asked about why I've provided image credits.

Pixabay and other free image platforms clearly state that we do NOT have to credit them but they also ask that we do so as a favour to them.

I've made a habit of doing so, even on my personal websites... but have had to remove the actual links when they show up as being blocked.

In those cases, I leave the credits and simply remove the links that get blocked, because they show to search engines though they are "broken".

So, the credits provided are simply a matter of courtesy and my way of saying "Thanks!" to those creating the images and to Pixabay for allowing them to be hosted free of charge.

Thank you for your detailed reply, Trish. Much appreciated. 🤍

My message today is very simple - Go get your bananas

Message well received- Trish, I am going for mine like there is no tomorrow. What a good read though- I remember a saying that went something like this- breaking the chains that bind generations can be the hardest but it must be done- otherwise, we stagnate and only dream.

Good morning Trish,

I hope you're doing well and business is good.

I like the way Joel Osteen starts off his messages, it's a good way to get people loosened up for the message! Have you been to his church, or maybe you attend his church? Being in the UK, I sometimes listen to his messages online.

Have a great day.


Joel is an American, Roy, and I am a Canadian :-), nope... I have not.

We're not supposed to talk about this "subject" that you've mentioned, as a major rule here, on this platform... which was why I changed that one word.

You can always send me a PM and we can chat on this subject ANYTIME.

Thank you for understanding.

Hello Trish,

I hope you're doing well. Thank you for your reply, it's appreciated.

I must admit I didn't know you were Canadian; we learn something every day!

Yes, I know where you are coming from and fully understand. I don't normally mention it directly in a blog post, but I do occasionally mention things within the comments!

Totally understood, Trish, I wish you a great day.


Thanks so much Trish for sharing this.

I have long believed that we can allow others to pull the adventure out of our passions and I do everything possible to escape their pessimistic natures.

I know people just want sometimes to protect us from harm, just like the monkey saw the harm of the cold water.

Kind regards

You're very welcome, and... Amen ta' that Erica, I totally agree with you.

Thanks so much Trish :)

Hi Trish….this is an awesome message. Well said ;-) Appreciate the share!


You're very welcome, Susan.

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