It Pays to Provide Honest Reviews

Last Update: February 04, 2021

Yes, of course there is a LOT of junk products out there on the internet that are being offered by popular marketing websites.

And, I’m sure that those platforms were initially simply intended as a means of offering vendors with an easy-to-use method of selling their products online.

However, now the Big 3 most popular platforms today are being accused of offering nothing but junk, and that is not the whole truth.

There are the hidden gems that are being offered on all of them.

It is up to buyers to be aware, right?

So, then be sure that when you find those hidden gems that you provide them with an honest review, and not “paint them with the same brush” as many of the other vendors on those platforms.

To provide a dishonest review for a great product is being as dishonest as many of the vendors who are knowingly offering crap products.

This is why it is so vital that we, as honest affiliate marketers, MUST provide honest reviews.

In most cases, this would mean that when beginning your new online business, you will need to actually purchase the products that you want to review. Else, how would it be possible for you to be honest about your reviews if you have no access to the product.

I’ve seen some reviewers suggesting that you can copy other’s reviews and offer them as your own. And personally, I believe that is being dishonest.

In a recent course I am just finishing up on, I learned a very valuable lesson.

Even those products that cost us a mere $10 US funds… those that you and I may simply shrug our shoulders at purchasing… they can be very costly purchases to some buyers in other parts of the world. You know, in countries where $10 might be more like a week’s wages.

So, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to start learning to review products that are being sold online. Honest reviews that will help other potential buyers to NOT waste their money.

It truly takes TIME to build up an honest reputation online, so don’t go squandering yours by providing phony reviews.

Those hidden gems really do deserve great reviews so to encourage honest vendors to continue offering honest to goodness products, right?

As I’m sure that you will see for yourself that those hidden gems do NOT promise their buyers great riches, but rather they simply offer to teach you something new.

And, wouldn’t YOU want to learn something new for a mere $17 to $47 US funds?

Back when direct mail was the “in” marketing system for making money from home, it was said that if you spent $1,000 Canadian (of course, because that’s where I live) on a course, and only learned ONE new thing that you actually got what you paid for.

Not sure about your experience with courses nowadays, but sometimes I’ve had the good fortune to have been able to learn more than one new thing from courses that have only cost me $17 US funds.

Given the cost of a college and/or university degree, or a night-school course for that matter… those hidden gems really can become useful to you and your reviewers, once you provide your review on them.

By providing honest reviews you can gain a reputation for honesty (PRICELESS!) and… as you BECOME known for your honesty, you could easily gain a small but quality email list of followers who trust your judgement.

It is said that the money is in the list. But… having a LARGE email list that needs replenishing with new email addresses of potential buyers on a regular basis can become exhausting quickly. So, don’t be so quick to sneer at a QUALITY list of 100 potential buyers who TRUST you.

This is why I say that it pays to provide honest reviews.

Wouldn’t you agree?

For those of you who are brand new to affiliate marketing and a little over-anxious at earning money within the first short while of being on this platform, I offer you the following link to my favourite advice:

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ActionJacks Premium
Thanks for the excellent post! I wish I could afford to actually purchase everything I review. I did buy one item for $200 to do an in depth review, So far I have only earned $30 from that review but I hope that soon I become profitable enough to do that for even more products. (Or popular enough for companies to send me free products to try lol!)
Triblu Premium
You're very welcome Jeremy, and Thank YOU for letting me know this helped you too.

There are tutorials here on WA to help you find those products, depending on your niche, of course. See screen print below...

Hope you find this helpful.
siskiyoujim Premium
Thank you. I think we've all purchased junk online based on less than honest reviews. I purchased my first truck back in 1985 off the lot.

I still remember the integrity of the man who sold me my Chevy S-10. His name was Jim Pope, and he was at a dealership just north of San Diego.

I also remember the gal who lied to me about the differences between the S10 and the GMC equivalent, telling me the GMC was better because they got the parts first. I don't remember her name, but I remember many of her lies.

Thank you for encouraging integrity in posting and reviews. People can "read right through you" if you are lying, and it will catch up to you.

I was thinking that for reviews of products I do not own yet, that it would be far better to document the research process that I go through when I want a new item.

We all have steps we follow, and just covering what we discover, and why we prefer one product over another, the positive and negative reviews we read, and why we think one would be better suited for our purposes over another, would all make this a much more comprehensive and honest review of a product.

Even if we don't own an item yet, we can mention that as well. Transparency. Documenting our thought process will lead us to better choices, as well as those who come across our reviews and research of future wants and needs.

Thanks again. Great article.
Triblu Premium
Thank you James.
JeannineC Premium
Yes, yes, yes!

I hate it when people read other reviews, then combine those as a review and pass it off if they'd actually purchased the product and examined it.

FYI, the FTC is now looking into reviews that were written by people who never purchased the product. I wouldn't be surprised if that was built into the new FTC disclosure rules which come out later this year.

Yes, it may cost you some money to purchase a product to review it, but if that's the niche you choose, purchasing the products in there goes along with the territory.

Always do the right thing.
Triblu Premium
Amen to that Jeannine.
EstellynWrig Premium
Thank you! You are so right.
An honest review can take you a long.
People are more aware of what to purchase nowadays.
And they do know an honest review when they see it, it’s not begging to buy the products, instead it’s offering you value for your money.
Triblu Premium
You're very welcome Estellyn.
Dhind1 Premium Plus
Without honesty, there is no integrity. We are only as good as what we say to one another and to the world.

In reality in life, it is not what you say you will do, but what you actually do that makes a difference.

Online we have only our words for others to judge us by and if they are false then so are, we.

Triblu Premium
Amen to that Alex.