Another Good Reason to Trust WA Servers

Last Update: July 16, 2020

This should serve as proof to us all as to the priceless value of the Wealthy Affiliate website hosting servers.

The most popular, widely used themes and plugins become the most sought after for targets to hack from the less scrupulous scripters out there.

So, if you have not yet updated your All In One SEO Pack plugin when you are reading this, then PLEASE do so immediately. Doing so will resolve that issue discussed in the Wordfence Blog.

However, it is still vital that we EACH do our part in protecting the servers by updating our themes and plugins once we received the prompts of an update being available. This is our way of helping the web servers remain safe.

Don't forget to BACK UP YOUR WEBSITE before performing updates or any major changes.

3 backup plugins




Stay safe, healthy and happy.

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henemmo2015 Premium
Two weeks ago I asked about which is better, Yoast or the All in One SEO, and I was advised, All In One was the best of the two. Supprises me when it turns out to be that Vulnerable. My instincts chose Yoast though!!!. Kind of happy I went with my Instincts.
Triblu Premium
Hey Henry,

Show me a plugin and/or a theme that has NOT been caught with bad scripting at one time or another and I'll show you one that does NOT exist.

This post is NOT intended to put the All In One SEO Pack plugin down but rather to establish the importance of our doing OUR part in keeping our themes and/or plugins up to date.

We were issued an update prompt yesterday, and that is WHY we were informed to update that plugin.

Wordfence is not cutting up this plugin either... just expressing the importance of updating.

The All in One SEO Pack will remain number 1 for a long time to come, so you're not to worry.
YumaBloggers Premium
You need to have an eye out for all updates and not delay in implementing them because WordPress is not only OpenSource code where everyone has access to the code elements but it also is the largest website and blog CMS or Content Management System in the World and AIO SEO the most used and targeted Search Engine Optimization Plugin.
Triblu Premium
Amen ta' that Andy!
SuperAdsMonk Premium
Thanks! I don't know you but being a Premium WA member I am not surprised that you picked up on that. There are warnings to update the plugin, but the statistics on why it should be done ASAP aren't really explained. And, its more than just hacker vulnerability, but without updating to this newest version can actually set your SEO back on recent articles and reviews. I am glad you pointed this out, thank you!
Triblu Premium
Most likely the statistics takes the less popular plugins (and themes) in account... and believe me, some of the less popular plugins can be VERY painful to update.

I've learned to ALWAYS backup my site BEFORE updating plugins due to one developer not doing their job right BEFORE releasing his/her updates.

Their plugin has failed to update correctly so many times now that I have lost count.

Thanks for the additional info as to WHY it is vital to update the SEO plugin... good add... THANKS!
1Rudy1 Premium
Great points! I receive updates to upgrade my plugins. I still need t get in there to update and I did.

I use the wp backup plugin that suit me just fine.

Thanks for the post info, Trish!
Triblu Premium
You're very welcome Rudy.
LenMise Premium
Thank you Trish. I went my SEO and plug in. They needed to be updated.

Great reminder!
Triblu Premium
You're very welcome Len.