Confused ? What to do?

Last Update: January 20, 2016

Do you ever experience this ? what to do first ?When you log in to your inbox and enter your wealthy affiliate site you first write comments on posts or wrte a post or page yourself?

Most of the time I will be thinking of writing a post but reading the interesting blog posts by others and commending on them my time will fly off.then I won't get time either to write post not go through the trainings once again.That is why after 6 month also I am not able to develop my website properly.I am willing to put hardwork .

What should I do first ? Is there any one to suggest

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bluzy1 Premium
I have Shiny Object Syndrome too. This is what I've decided. 1. Training. 2. Website and content. 3. Blog. Period. I've decided if I have time I'll carve out 1 hour to read blogs and answer questions and maybe an additional 1/2 hour to add followers. I love everyone here, but I need to get my entrepreneur on! :) That's my plan - now let me see if I can deliver.

Peace and good luck.
trendygirl Premium
Nice order I will also try to practice this.I should first remove y shiny object syndrome
Maxiam59 Premium
Oh no you have Shiny Object Syndrome it seems to affect those who can not get enough of Wa I know it is hard (because I have the same problem ) but you have to try real hard and focus on why you are here and get great content on your site and then in you down r time you can come back and feed your addiction as I have all the best Max
Loes Premium
At first I answer the PM's,
then all replies and comments,
then I welcome all new followers,
then I scroll down the blogs to see if there is an interesting title or a blog of a close friend here,
then I start working on one of my site,
in the mean while I keep track of everything new what's coming in.

But then again, I have almost the half day to go over this. The daycare children are all attending school during daytime, and they eat lunch there too.
ormbear Premium
Make a priority lists as to what's important to do first, second and third etc... . Make those the new goals.
MINDwell Premium
Create plan how much time to allocate each task!!!
very important
for example people go to social media sites and waste so much time
STICK to plan