Small Steps to Success

Last Update: November 29, 2019

I've had the official notification from Wealthy Affiliate recently, stating that I've been with them and using the platform for one year now. It's deffinately a milestone of sorts and gives me chance to reflect on what I've done, achieved and importantly to me, what I've not done.

I'm not too happy with my progress or my slacked attitude some nights after working a job through the day too. I don't push myself enough, I lose focus and in turn I lose the great attitude to the work. Once I get in the zone and have a good bit of quiet time to myself doing, then things are a little different.

Follow the Build Plan

I've always tried to follow the training but have found myself reversing more to previous posts and cleaning them up, finding out about grammar rulings and the use of capital letters and italics, this in turn has got me revising my work and taking me away from the momentum of the training and getting ahead.

My site doesn't make a pound yet and I'm not sure how traffic is either. I've made a pact with myself after renewal to try harder, keep to a regimental schedule of hours even if I have to reduce what I'm putting on myself in the week, it'll get done more than overwhelming myself after a busy day and eye strain/tired eyes already.

Building Blocks

As with LEGO, even the smallest of pieces are just as important to build on or go towards the bigger picture. I shouldn't really beat myself up too much about my pace or workload, I feel I do the best I can with the time I have and around the mood my head and body are in.

Maybe my work ethics are a little wrong, maybe my meticulous attitude hampers me moving on or maybe. . . just maybe, I'm trying to create a really nice, functional and professional website. Small steps and small blocks therefore maybe the best approach to the work. I should keep in mind what Darren says in my other blog, The Compound Effect.

Putting it Together

Nowadays, I already have a digital post-it note on my desktop with my Wealthy Affiliate to do list. I'm excited to do some quick blogs, nuggets of info or news relating to my niche, but the key thing is they won't be large articles like my others and may have limited images.

The idea is to share with the community or my audience, what I'm getting up to, purchasing or using these days that is related to the whole of my niche idea. Excitingly I've already mounted up about six writing ideas/blogs but haven't done them yet.

There are some additions I want to add to one of my posts that acts as a wishlist of game titles. The idea here is to use the quick blogs to advertise that I've updated a post/article. The work, ideas and passion here to succeed is there but a lot of the time it's the energy and time that fails me. If I can work around that hurdle, then I'll be more consistant.

Creation Satisfaction

I'm still enjoying the creative and building process and like one of the training sessions mentioned, I'm not really thinking too much about the money side of things at the moment even though this is an important factor for me.

In time I want to make money from this investment in order for the website and affiliations to make me the money back. It'll also prove to me that the website and niche idea worked and ultimately will steer me away from the rat race and earn my money working on my own business at home. That's the end game which I feel I'm so far from, yet when I reach it that'll be something worth celebrating.

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don1rock Premium
Hey Treadstone02,
Sounds like you have the plan now all you have to do it implement it. Do it little by little and you won't get overwhelmed.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Slow and easy wins the race!

Foxhenley Premium
Don't doubt yourself. Only time and diligent work can prove your investment is a good one! Remember, investing in your education is seldom a bad choice!

Your future is ahead! Rise to meet it!
God Bless and Good Luck!
Janice 🤗🌾
PeteKane91 Premium
great milestone!

keep up the good work.
DouglasPlumb Premium
I hope that you can find the time needed and energy to help push you through and get you site where you want it and start making some money. Great luck to you in the future.