The Compound Effect

Last Update: November 12, 2019

The Compound Effect

I'm currently reading a book called, The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, some of you may be aware of it, others not. I'm not even half-way through and it has started to inspire me already to follow the guidance presented and put into my life, lifestyle choices and my Wealthy Affiliate work.

Darren talks of the familiar story of, The Hare and the Tortoise and encourages us in making small steps and changes in life but keep them constant and consistent everyday onward, plugging away, grafting and accepting the realism of true hard work like our forefathers and grandparents, rather than quick fixes to our health, finances and diet which we are swamped with through the media, infomercials and magazines etc.

He explains the power of the compound effect and how it can help us positively over the long term after some pro-active, positive changes, which don't even have to be large efforts. On the other side of the coin, Darren explains how the compound effect can work negatively against us and create ripple effects in our lives for the worse if current habits and choices stick.

Looking Inward

I've given what I've read some thought and have looked inwards to myself, my current situation, lifestyle choices, what needs improving and what's lacking. I've devised my own constructive guide that I'm going to be adjusting to long term.

  • More water intake
  • Moderate my caffeine intake, no caffeine after 2pm
  • Moderate my snacking, no food or snacks after 7pm
  • Regular and better sleep patterns
  • Swimming, once a week - no excuses, no matter what the weather
  • Short walks in the weekday evenings
  • Long walks at the weekend
  • Wealthy Affiliate work, 2hrs minimum weekdays and 4hr minimum weekends
  • Biscuits (My Worse Enemy) - Strictly none in the apartment
  • No convenient takeaways or tray meals

I wanted to blog about this as the principle works well working with Wealthy Affiliate and how much time you put into it. It's not a race, so be the tortoise, small steps, nice and steady, enjoying the journey. The small steps here, in the now can only benefit you in the future and all it'll take are positive choices, decisions and small changes accomplished consistently and willingly. There will be the difficult moments when the easy way may seem like jumping ship and abandoning the work or time into it - but stay focused, incorporate the work into a schedule or plan, don't believe your own excuses if you're making them. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

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JEaston Premium
Thank you so much for sharing.
Good reminders for a time management to reach a certain goals in life.
laurakirker Premium
Omg, biscuits are my nemesis!! And living in Italy now I live on caffè macchiati. You've basically written down all the resolutions I should be making but know I will never manage. I think I should give this book a look too...
Hollshope Premium
Slow and steady wins the race. You've created some great goals! Thanks for sharing...