Success - $700 Milestone Reached!

Last Update: January 02, 2013
I just want to throw a quick thanks out to Jay, Kyle, Carson, and anyone else who has helped in making my IM business grow this past 1.5 years.

This past month I brought in 700.00 and truly do believe the sky is the limit. It's been a long road and it will continue to be, but I feel I have a good foundation to make this my full time gig. After much trial and error (lots of errors), I have my focus niche and a method to make it grow.

I won't be posting another success story unless I hit the 1k mark, which would rock.

So what now?

This weekend I make my first attempt at local marketing. I've got a few appointments scheduled this weekend and I hope to land one client. If not, I won't stress it and will keep refining my process until i get something going. I'll also continue to slowly grow my focus niche.

Jay, once again I can't thank you enough for all you provide here at WA and the guidance you've personally given. When I cross the 1k barrier, I'll pop up and buy you a round this time... =)

Happy 2013 Everyone!


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Ema Premium
Very good news :)
Macmanus Premium
Congrats, Jesse! Keep on going!
Congratulations and well done! Happy 2013!
joyceosborn Premium
dazzlefish Premium
Congrats on reaching a big milestone. Looking forward to seeing your $1,000 !!! Thanks for the tips too. Very helpful.
Cool man I'm glad to hear about positive progress. Can you give us some more detailed insight to some of the road blocks you hit along the way? Thanks, and happy New year!
traykor Premium
I'll do what I can =).

1. Lack of support from family and friends. Get all them to buy in and then move forth.
2. Don't veer off from WA thinking someone has the next greatest secret. I veered off a few times and it set me back quite a bit. There isn't really a secret. Just write naturally, write about what you're interested in and expand on your content.
3. Be ready to fail. I'm a push the limits and test kind of guy, which caused me to fail quite a bit, but I learned a lot from it. If you fail, try to come out of it. If you can't come out of it (like the 1000k back-link spamming I did to one of my test site), then just start over and do it the right way.
4. Don't try and game the system. Again just using what you're taught here is very important. When you try and game Google, they spank you hard come algo time.
5. Back-links - highly overrated for the type of keywords we are targeting (low hanging fruit). My sites that have under 15 in total perform well enough.
6. Competitive Keywords - Not worth your time.
7. Don't spread yourself thin. It may sound like I have a lot of "sites" by how I'm typing, but only three actually bring in cash and the others were my learning sites. Stay focused on one or two sites is far more productive than trying to manage 10. You can grow all you want after you find what works for you.

Hey... this is just how I do it. That doesn't mean it will work for anyone else. ;)

Hope this helps!
Shawn Martin Premium
WTG! The sky truly is the limit!
WVLadyRebel Premium
Prolife Premium
Congratulations Jesse!! I remember reading a post of yours a little while back saying you just took a promotion too and that your IM endeavors were going to take a hit. Nice to see you've actually grown on your success!!
bigstevec Premium
way to go - keep bangin away
guy0404 Premium
Congrats its gives me motivation to read your post,Good Luck on your way to 1000$ milestone :)