I Took March Off & Made $40 On 1 Article!

Last Update: March 29, 2016

I just wanted blog very quickly about the success I have had in the past month.

I decided at the end of Febuary to take a break from the Internet, especially all work related activities I do online.

Today, I think I'm ready to get started back, so I get on and check only one of my affiliate programs, and what do ya know there's $40! I made $40 on 1 evergreen article that I wrote in December of 2015 on a new site I launched in October of 2015. I haven't even checked my other affiliate programs, so there may be more $ waiting for me...

My goals for this week are to monetize a site I launched in January of this year and add 10 articles to it.

I will be working the next couple months on my new affiliate site, for I have about 50-60 articles waiting to be written and published, all of which are products I'm promoting.

When I'm done with my promotional pages - which will equal to about 90 pages and over 100,000 monthly searches - I am going to branch out and start writing articles that link to them. All the revenue I earn will go back into this business at first to hopefully get more of those 100,000 potential monthly buyers.

By this time, hopefully before 2017, I will begin working on building a list, creating my own relevant product, and gaining a following on YouTube. O yeah, I forgot to mention YouTube. I'll share my success with video next year ;)

How many articles do I have on my site that earned me $40 this month? Around 50

How many visitors does this site get each month? Probably less than 300

The reason I wanted to answer those two questions is because, if you know your niche (interest/topic) then you can easily write an article a day and start earning money in four months or less, like me!

Moreover, if you target the right keywords, your traffic numbers should double mine... and if you write quality articles, 1 article can start producing sales at any time.

Suggestion: If you are new to Wealthy Affiliate and need to make money fast, then build a website/business on an topic you already know something about. (Learning about your topic, while you are trying to build the business around it, will take more time.) This will also help you become finacially stable, so that you can have the freedom to start learning new things...

Thanks for reading,

Travis Hunnicutt

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Nice , thanks for the good advice.
mijareze Premium
How do you monetize an artical for a particular niche if you are marketing say books?
TravH Premium
The same way you would any other product.

1) Find an affiliate program(s) that pay a reasonable percentage and sell the books the cheap
2) Add links to the book you are reviewing or promoting

You may want to write different articles for different bindings or prints, but one article will usually suffice...

P.S. If you find more than one affiliate program, you can use the one that's the cheapest at the time to save your buyers money.
whitsunday Premium
Nice work Travis.
TravH Premium
Thank you, it definitely suprised me... but I like suprises like this :)
Mac01 Premium
Well done, Travis, I'll have to give this a try!
TravH Premium
Yeah, this is a great way to jump-start any business. If you write an article a day for say 7 months and each have the potential to attract at least 10 visitors, then your site should get over 2,000 monthly hits. This will put anyone on the path to earning a fulltime income online in no time…