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Any idea why google is not indexing my recent posts?

Any idea why google is not indexing my recent posts?

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Search Engine Optimization

I have 4 pages/posts that (according to GWT) are not indexed. I have done "Fetch as Google" nearly every day on each of them.... and nothing.

Normally I will fetch a fe

I think you would include it in sitemap for crawling.

Tough as it is this appears to be a wait and see situation!

We are in the same boat my friend.

Same problem here..

Well, hope this situation will be resolved by Google fast.

Me too, Eric.

Google had the same issue a few weeks ago. Many people including myself went to the site's "help" section although to be honest, it was a waste of time. Some of the Google "admin" staff realized there was a problem and only asked people to be patient.

They did fix it by the next day. However, it seems as in several cases, (studing some previous comments) that the situation has reared its ugly head again!

I had no issues adding an article to my site today and doing the fetch as google task. The problem might effect others though, (which again would make no sense).

Hi Jeff,
Thank you for your reply. Not good news. :( I will continue to fetch and see what happens... hoping we find out something solid soon.

Also I know that the companies are changing faster than we can keep up. A lot are dropping plug ins. So, WA needs to catch up. I think.

So a plug-in can essentially stop/hinder indexing?

I just wrote a blog on Success? part two on here. It explains a little bit. But, you can find the answers on an article I read on how the whole industry is changing. But, I am sure WA knows about these things. I am hanging back a bit to see what happens.

hmm... yikes. I will check it out. Thank you

Having the same problem. You ask site support and so will I.

Sounds good Andrea, sorry it is also happening to you.

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Does anyone else have issues with the email forwarding?

Does anyone else have issues with the email forwarding?

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Email Marketing

I have my website email forwarding to my personal gmail account but I have been having problems receiving emails. Either I get them extremely delayed, or sometimes not at all.

This seems to be a fairly common issue. I myself had a lot of trouble when I first set up a forward to my Gmail. I wouldn't receive certain emails at all.

I tested the forward by sending something from another of my own emails and it worked fine. My biggest problem was with receiving a confirmation email from Gravatar.

For me, though, it was eventually worked out by site support, so hopefully they will sort things out for you as well.

Hi Craig,
Thanks for replying. I remember having an issue with my Gravatar account as well! That took forever.

I've tested it with my husband's email and I only get maybe 1 out of every 2-3 that he sends. Also, the one that I do get I don't get until 30 minutes to an hour later.

I have decided to stop the forward, I've contacted SiteSupport probably at least 5 times on the issue over the past 3 months and I'm pretty sure my patience has worn out on the whole thing, lol... and seeing how this seem to be common with others as well.

Thanks for your help!

Hey girl!

Yes, I had issues exactly like you mentioned. I just stopped the forward and use the regular inbox because I didn't want to miss important e-mails. I use a calendar so I just put a note there to remind me to check the extra e-mail inbox.

Hope this helps,

Hi Marlinda!
Thank you very much for your reply. I think this is what I am going to do. As this has been ongoing, I have only given some thought to removing the forward... but I agree with you and I think I am going to just go ahead and do it. I'm simply not willing to risk missing out on any more than I may potentially already have.

Did you have any emails waiting for your when you stopped the forward? Or do all of those get lost in cyberspace? :(

Unfortunately it starts new when you create the new inbox. If you had previously used the regular e-mail before the forward was made the previous e-mails may still be there but none after the forward was created.

Aw, okay...that does make sense. Thank you so much for the help :)

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