No, People are Not Unfollowing You in the Masses on Google Plus

Last Update: May 01, 2017

And yes... your Google follower count "badge" is incorrect.

I have seen many people ask about how and/or why their Google plus follower count has significantly dropped, and are concerned that it is something that they have done wrong.

Well if this is you BE ASSURED that this is in fact a glitch and Google is aware of the problem.

NOTE: This is different than "normal" follower fluctuation, so be aware that I am not referring to a slight drop from time to time - which is a nonissue... tis the nature of social media.

But, if you have noticed that your follower count never increases, plummets overnight, or just stays the same despite all your efforts, it only appears this way on your profile's follower count badge.

To see your "actual" follower count, you may login and go to People > Followers.

The major downside to this is even though Google has known about this for weeks, nothing has been done, and they will not provide a "timeline".

So the best we can do is sit tight and hold out for now... And be confident that your actual follower count is correct and your followers are still there.

Hope this clears it up for a few of you. :)

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andyfuan Premium
Not just following but sharing their content also makes an attraction, so that people would do the same for your content also.
TravelCarrot Premium
Not sure what this has to do with Google's glitch, but you aren't wrong.
accad Premium
Good assurance.
ericpierre Premium
Thanks Jen for letting us know about this glitch.
XinZhang Premium
Good to know.
TravelCarrot Premium
Xin, you are welcome.
MKearns Premium
Thanks for the clarifying information Jennifer!
TravelCarrot Premium
Welcome, Michael! :)