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There are thousands of different types of Internet-related scams today, but most come down to stealing money, property, or information.

  • Auction fraud - selling stuff but none delivery
  • Catfish - person with fake online profile
  • Chainmail - not always harmless to forward emails
  • Cold-Call - tech support is calling your computer has a virus
  • Phishing - sending email forms and links to get information
  • Surveys - asking for info but not paying
  • 419 - Nigerian scam, inheriting a huge amount of money
  • 044 - phone scam, try to get info by asking to dial a number

Share Affiliate link
You can grab every affiliate link here and share it by email, on Social Media, or just to help other members to info.


Social Network
The most common are Twitter, Facebook, G+, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit.
Here is a list of Social Media Networks you can join on the World Wide Web and how many people are using that particular Social Network

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