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Landing page
A landing page is a web page that appears when a visitor clicks on a PPC ad or a search engine result link. The homepage of a website is not the only landing page, every page in a website has a purpose and is a potential search engine landing page.

Follow this training of Jay to learn how to use landing pages effectively.

You can like a lot on Wealthy Affiliate, and to like things it will help you go up in rank. Not just the likes you get, but also the likes you give are counting for the rank.
So start liking everything!

When you follow a training created by a member, the time you spend on it, the likes and the shares will give the writer credits which are redeemable for $$$

A link creates the capability of sharing or viewing shared information.
It leads you to a certain page on the World Wide Web. Every link is unique.

This is a link:

Link shortener
Used for sharing on Social Media, to have more possibilities on Twitter (140 characters).
Also used to hide affiliate numbered links.

Laughing my a** off, laughing out loud

Low hanging fruit
Low competition keyword
Per example:

High competition keyword:

money searches 1246876 traffic 211969 article power 6.2


Low competition keyword phrase:

easy way for kids to make money searches 5400 traffic 270 article power 9.4

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