A Dictionary for Newbies

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Glossary of Terms

2 - A

Address bar, Adsense, Adwords, Affiliate Program, Aka, Algorithm, Align, All in One SEO, Ambassador, API, Atmail

3 - B

Backlink, Background, Backup, Banner, Banner WA is not working, Black hat, Blacklist Blog, Blogger, Bookmark, Bootcamp, Browser, Browser Window, Breadcrumb, Button

4 - C

Cache, Carson, Chat, Class, Color code, Comment, Comment for your Website, Comment vs feedback,Content, Countries excluded, CSS, Custom menu

5 - D

Dashboard, Default, Disclosure, Domain, Domain name, Download, Draft, Dropbox, Drop down menu

6 - E

eBook, Edit a blog, Edit a comment, Email signature, Email text with link, Error 404, EU Cookie Law,

7 - F

Facebook, Favicon, Feature image, feedback

8 - G

Getting Started Certification Course, Go Daddy, Google+ or G+, Gravatar

9- H

Hashtag, Header, Homepage, HREF, HTML, HTTP, HTTPS

10 - I

Incognito, Icon, Iframe, Image with link, Images, Images from Google, Infographics, Invoice, IP-Address

11 - J

Jaaxy, Javascript, Jpeg or Jpg

12 - K

Keyword, Keyword stuffing, Keyword research tool, Kyle

13 - L

Landing page, Like, Link, Link shortener, LMAO, Low hanging fruit

14 - M

Mailto, Media Library, Mobile Friendly

15 - N

Nameserver, Network, New Tab/Window, Notifications

16 - O

Open education Resource

17 - P

Page, Paypal, Pingback, Pixel, Plugin, PNG, Post, PPC, Privacy Policy Statement

18 - Q

Questions, Quote, Qwerty

19 - R

Redirect, Referral, Rule

20 - S

Scam, Share Affiliate link, Slug, Social Network

21 - T

Tag, Tag cloud, Terms of Use WA, Test website, Text with link, Top 10, Training

22 - U

URL, Where to find the URL, Username

23 - V

Verification, Video classes, Video tutorial, Vlogger

24 - W

Website, Webmaster, Webmaster Tools, Whois guard, Widgets, Wordpress, Writers Block, Writers access revocation, WYSIWYG

25 - X


26 - Y


27 - Z


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