Online Entrepreneur CertificationMaking Money! (Level 3) Review

My review of the Online Entrepreneur certification - Making Money! (Level 3) Course is 10 Starts!!!

A description of the 10 Lesson course starts out following the previous lessons. You have a website, you have content, you know how to get what? Time for THE MONEY. Once you understand how to get traffic and you start getting traffic, there are many ways in which you can earn revenue. In this course you are going to walk through a number of ways you can earn money through your site.

Lesson 1: Understanding the MONEY in Online Business

The beginning of the Level 3 Training once you have relevant traffic, you have all the potential in the world to earn revenue online. The lesson reminds us that in order to sell we must first provide help... our products and services must be of relevant use and value to our visitors and customers. Researching and utilization of low competition keywords will secure traffic generation to your website, specific traffic of visitors uniquely interested in your content. Humanizing your content and your site in total, and building trust with your visitors keeps them returning and leads to conversions of sales. This short lesson covers the following topics:

Lesson 2: Understanding Affiliate Programs & Networks

The second lesson in Making Money, the Level 3 Wealthy Affiliate Training begins by reaffirming affiliate marketing and the power behind leveraging the success of other successful online businesses. The walk-through video of Understanding the Basics of Affiliate Marketing pulled everything I thought I knew about affiliate marketing into the rest of the training I have received and truly helps the process to make sense. For me personally, trying to decide which Affiliate Programs to Join, let alone include on my website had been an overwhelming struggle in itself, until now. Keeping in mind, the training regarding creating quality content and creating themed pages and framework, allowed choosing the affiliate marketing programs I chose to use to fall in line with the overall goal... to help, to add value to my visitors! The training provides a list of affiliate networks, also known as affiliate banks, and breaks down the potential income opportunities the follow. Lastly, the training challenges you to both give feedback on websites owned by folks in your WA Network, which earns you points to request comments and / or feedback on your own website. Overall, the topics and tasks covered in this lesson include:

Lesson 3: Relevant Affiliate Programs are Everywhere

The third lesson in the Level 3 Wealthy Affiliate Course begins with the Understanding of 'Independent" Affiliate Programs. The training continues with a walk-through video showing the exact process of finding affiliate programs in absolutely any niche. This short lesson is focused on identifying the right affiliate programs for your website niche, your online business, and your brand. The topics included in this lesson include:

Lesson 4: Adding Affiliate Links to Your Pages

The fourth Lesson in the Level 3 Online Entrepreneur Certification - Making Money Course explains and shows what affiliate links are and how to use them on your website. There is a walk-through specifically for how to add affiliate links to your Wordpress site and content as well. This short lesson follows the previous two, focusing on how different affiliate programs use and provide links and different ways to embed those links into your content, images, blogs, articles and so on. The following topics are covered in this lesson:

Lesson 5: Instant Access to a MILLION Products

The fifth Lesson in the Level 3 Wealthy Affiliate Training Course for Making Money Online series delves into the diversity and uniqueness of using the Amazon Associates / Amazon Affiliate Program, as well as other popular superstores, like Affiliate Program (Offered through and Affiliate Program. The main focus of this specific training though, is to teach you how to add Amazon products to your website content. The topics covered in this lesson include:

  • Add ONE Relevant Amazon Product to Your Site
  • Create ONE page or post and publish it on your website (targeting a new keyword)

Lesson 6: Leveraging Product Reviews

The sixth Lesson in the Level 3 WA training starts with reminding you that you are in the business of helping people. This reminder is key as an author, we research and wade through so much material for our unique niches in an effort to make our sites as unique and valuable as possible to our visitors. At times, it is easy to lose site of what is important while wading through the excitement of possibilities and the potential of the data we find and want to share. The training continues with a video and step-by-step instruction and template on how to perform a product review. The importance of doing the research and providing real interpretation and examples of how something has added value or not added value to our business or our lives is how we decide what to invest in products and services... what better way to add value for our own visitors, based on our specific niches. I personally love this part of the training! The topics covered in this lesson include:

Lesson 7: Getting Paid for Ads on Your Site

The seventh Lesson of the Level 3 Wealthy Affiliate Training Course for Making Money Online series focuses on getting paid for ads on your site using programs such as Google Adsense and other link sharing affiliate marketing and publisher networks available to monetize your website while promoting and adding traffic to your site. The course begins with an explanation of how Google Adsense works. The topics included in this lesson include:

  • Sign up to Google Adsense
  • Create one new post targeting a low hanging fruit keyword
  • Publish the post on your website
  • Research 10 New Keywords for Upcoming Content

Lesson 8: Earning Pennies OR Dollars?

The eighth Lesson of the Level 3 Training follows Lesson 7 by creating an environment where you are actually testing your advertisting and content writing for effectiveness... The focus is on understanding what you need to do to make the most money out of your energy and time on your website. The topics covered in the lesson include:

  • Ad both advertising and affiliate promotions to one of your pages or posts
  • Add only affiliate programs to one of your pages or posts
  • Add only advertising programs to one of your pages or posts
  • Write a SINGULAR product review and add it as a post on your website

Lesson 9: A Brilliant Way to Track & Understand Your Traffic

The ninth Lesson in the Level 3 Training is all about analyzing your traffic. Therefore, the training in this lesson shows us what tools and plugins to use and add to your website for tracking visitor behavior on your site... this will help to make improvements and changes on things that don't work based on what the stats will tell does work! The topics included in this lesson include:

Lesson 10: With Help Comes Financial Success

The tenth, and final Lesson of the Level 3 Training begins with an overview of what you should have accomplished to begin monetizing your website. Keeping it true, or as the kids say, keeping it 100, to the idea of helping others with your site. Additionally, this training reminds us to continue to test ad placement and link placement within our content... Use your analytics tools to monitor what works and what doesn't work in terms of affiliate marketing in your quality content on your site. The training continues to review and ingrain in our memories the fact that it really is simple to make money online if you use the right system, the system that has worked for others time and time again. (1) Building a niche website , (2) Create helpful, relevant content, (3) Get Rankings & Traffic, and (4) Make Money (with the many ways you can do this). To reiterate this process, a walk-through video is provided, it's a great reminder and terrific motivator! Overall, the training reminds and challenges you to continue to grow your website business by ... The topics covered within this lesson include:

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