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Overall the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course is comprised of 10 unique Lessons that combine a series of helpful easy to follow videos, examples and templates to get your website built, monetized and published for traffic and making money.

The lessons include the following:

The great thing about the Lessons is they include unique questions and comments from the network of folks, just like you and me, that help clarify points of interest, include attachments for follow-on clarification or checklists to continue to make the steps smoother and the discussion is completely relevant to the training and the stage you are in the learning process. Also, I love that the lessons take the time to ensure you follow through with particular tasks before moving on to the next lesson, for example, reviewing specific articles and case reviews to give another point of view on how something can be done or taking action towards building or improving your website!

The discussion forums are great and responses come quickly from the team, which is terrific when you are on a roll in taking action and need help now. Also, there is a live chat area for getting answers to questions RIGHT NOW versus waiting on a researched answer, if needed.

The site is very organized and user-friendly, which is one of the most important factors in my decision to continue using the resources.

Review of Lesson 1: Getting Rolling!

The first Lesson is sweet and short, yet meaningful at all stages. The Lesson covers the following topics:

Review of Lesson 2: Understanding How to Make Money Online

The second Lesson covers the basis on how you will be able to make money online with your website, as well as growing your network within Wealthy Affiliate to help you grow and improve your online business. The Lesson covers the following topics:

Review of Lesson 3: Choose a Niche

The third Lesson is very relevant and provides examples, step-by-step instructions and how exactly to choose a niche both exciting to you, as well as, profitable in its industry... This is where you learn to make your website unique in comparison to your competitors. The Lesson covers the following topics:

Review of Lesson 4: Building Your Own Website

The fourth Lesson is very simple to follow with videos and easy instructions to help you build your website. This lesson follows the previous very clearly. The Lesson covers the following topics:

Review of Lesson 5: Setting Up Your Website

The fifth Lesson is walks you through the administration portion of creating your website. Setting it up to gain the most out of free marketing through the use of plugins for users and security to making your site SEO ready to improve traffic just simply through the content of your pages. This lesson follows the previous very clearly. The Lesson covers the following topics:

  • Watch the Setting Up Your Website Video
  • Log into your website WordPress ADMIN area
  • Activate your All in One SEO, Exclude Pages, & Akismet plugins
  • In your Free WordPress Website Template/Theme Delete the default Post, Page and Comment (if they exist)

Review of Lesson 6: Getting Your Site Ready for SEO

The sixth Lesson is specific to getting your site SEO ready, from pages to blogs and articles... this is how you get your free traffic and take advantage of those keywords you are going to choose. This lesson follows the previous very clearly. The Lesson covers the following topics:

Review of Lesson 7: Finding Content Ideas From Keywords

The seventh Lesson walks you through how to use free and paid tools both within Wealthy Affiliate Resources and outside to find content ideas for your niche and take the most advantage of what's not being used to make your site unique and creative. The Lesson covers the following topics:

Review of Lesson 8: Understanding Website Pages & Creating Your First 3

The eighth Lesson of the Level 1 WA Training walks you through using the WordPress Website Building Tool to build your first three relevant pages for your website. The pages cover personality of you and your business (which supports your branding), terms and conditions / privacy policy statements and other legal requirements you will want stated on your site to safeguard yourself and our business online. Other lessons include leveraging the success of other websites. The overall message for this lesson is to accomplish some basic drafts and framework for your website to get you moving in the right direction... which is one foot-in-front-of-the-other! Topics included in this lesson include:

  • Watch the "Creating Your Initial Website Framework" Walk-through Video
  • Come up with at least 3 website category "ideas"
  • Create your first 3 draft pages (website related, about me, privacy policy template for your website)

Review of Lesson 9: Creating Quality Website Content

The ninth Lesson for the Level 1 WA Training follows nicely against the lessons and accomplishments you make in Lesson eight. After developing a basic framework for your site and having (at a minimum) your first three pages initially created, continuing to add quality content to those pages and your key themed pages will be key to marketing your brand and your products and/or services. As it is taught, the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) actually research the word variations and page content you have when determining its ranking for keyword searches; this is due to many things, primarily because of how people actually search for specific terms and phrases on search engines to find what they are looking for, while weeding out the irrelevant sites. The topics included in this lesson include the following:

Review of Lesson 10: Congratulations and Your Next Steps

The tenth and final Lesson in the Level 1 Course quickly reviews what you have accomplished to date through the WA Online Certification Course training. Now the process and steps needed are understood for what our end game is and how we will get there. Wealthy Affiliate offers continued training and additional resources for those interested in continuing to use the immeasurable value of maintaining this network while building their online business, as well as, continued courses, webinars, more tools and templates, not to mention the other resources all available in one place at Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Upgrade to a Premium Member and access Stage 2 of Online Entrepreneur Certification (all 6 levels are included with a premium membership). If you are already a premium member then you can check this task!
  • Continue on to Level 2 Training

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