Wealthy Affiliate Network: Activity Dashboard Resource Review

The Activity Dashboard (image on the left) for Wealthy Affiliate is very clear and easy to follow and use... set-up similar to Facebook feeds the pages organize topics in a very clear manner.

As you can see in the screenshot below, there is a good sized search bar that allows you to search thousands of topics in the blogs, discussions, training, webinars, and such within Wealthy Affiliate. Since the organization has been up and running for more than 10 years it makes searching for specific questions and topics similar to how you would search in google (which I find very helpful).

The ICONS in the top right is apart of the same toolbar which you will see on every page (this is extremely useful for navigating around the site to your specific notifications, information, blogs, training, links/banners, etc...).

To learn more about navigating through the ICONS and Menus on the site checkout the Blog Post How To Use Wealthy Affiliate - A Guide to Getting Started.

Overall, the Activity Dashboard not only reflects the primary list of activity within your WA Network (responses to discussions you started or joined, messages related to folks joining your network and so on), but also provides a list of the latest Live Chat on the right.

  • The Activity Link at the top includes activity from other members in your network to allow you to respond where you can provide feedback or ask for feedback in turn.
  • The Classrooms Link (image to the right) to the right of Activity reflects Recent Questions and Trending Training related to the topics.
  • Lastly, the Top 10 Link, to the right of Classrooms, provides a two column view of the top 10 blogs and training within the WA Network.

This is very useful as it can be related to any changes that pop-up in terms of website tools, plugins, affiliate networking, niche research, traffic building, leads generation, email marketing, blogging, article writing, and so on.

Please Join the Discussion Below to share your own experiences and feedback regarding the Activity Dashboard within the Wealthy Affiliate Website.

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