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Wealthy Affiliate Promotional Video

This video is especially made for the community without any name attached.

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For the visually impaired people:

Title: Wealthy Affiliate presents Affiliate Marketing

Slide 1
Wealthy Affiliate presents: Affiliate Marketing Education; Introduction

Slide 2
Moving PC with the text: Wealthy Affiliate, Join over 1.3 million Aspiring and Highly Successful Internet Entrepreneurs; Side text: WA Education, It's Simple, Our Training Works.

Slide 3
Moving PC with a screenshot of the intro dashboard of WA; Side Text: After you've signed up, this is how your profile page looks like.

Slide 4
Moving PC with 4 buttons, Image added, description added, started training, Goals are set; Side text: Click the buttons on top to complete your account set up.

Slide 5
Moving PC with a screenshot of the dashboard and the drop down you get after you've clicked on the profile picture; Side text: Click on your profile picture and choose what you want to see.

Slide 6
Moving PC with a screenshot of the part of the dashboard where it says "Get started"; Side text: Ready? Get started here.

Slide 7
Twirling Tablet with a screenshot of lesson 1, Watch the walk trough video below; Side text: Lesson 1, Complete your account set-up, Watch the walk through video, Next lesson>>

Slide 8
Twirling laptop with screenshot of lesson 2, Make Money: Side text: Lesson 2, How will you earn money? Next lesson>>

Slide 9
Moving PC with screenshot of lesson 3, What is my niche?; Side text: Lesson 3, Choose a niche, Next lesson>>

Slide 10
Moving PC with screenshot of the website builder; Side text: Lesson 4, Build your first website in 4 steps, Next lesson>>

Slide 11
Twirling tablet with screenshot after you've created your website; Side text: Lesson 5, Setting up your website, Next lesson>>

Slide 12
Moving PC with screenshot of a Google, Bing, Yahoo, and WA logo; Side text: Lesson 6, Getting ready for search engines, Next lesson>>

Slide 13
Moving PC with screenshot of the content writer; Side text: Lesson 7, Writing content, Next lesson>>

Slide 14
Moving PC with screenshot Creating custom menus on your website/Navigation; Side text: Lesson 8, Creating Menus & Navigation, Next lesson>>

Slide 15
Opening tablet with screenshot of Google search, What is a keyword; Side text: Lesson 9, Understanding keywords, Next lesson>>

Slide 16
Twirling tablet with screenshot Congratulations and your next steps; Side text: Lesson 10, Sunny days ahead, your next steps.

Slide 17
5 real persons [smiling] holding a billboard with picture of a seagull, text: The sky is the limit, Wealthy Affiliate, free sign up.

Slide 18
5 real-life moving persons, dancing, applauding, high 5, text: David joined our team. How about you? It's FREE

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suzzziq Premium
Thank you, Loes!
Loes Premium
You're very welcome Suzi
JamesJB Premium
Very neat, Loes...thank you! Did you make it?
Loes Premium
Thank you, yes, I did:)
JamesJB Premium
Wow!! That's compliments :)
DarleneB Premium Plus
Great video. It's short & has everything you need to know to get started. Love the music.
Loes Premium
Thank you, nice to hear that Darlene
bini14 Premium
Wow Loes, you are awesome, very nice video. Thanks for sharing this with us.
Loes Premium
You're welcome, Bini:)
Melissa901 Premium
This is great Loes Thank you
Loes Premium
It's my pleasure Melissa:)