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Wealthy Affiliate Presents:

What is affiliate marketing

This video is especially made for the community without any name attached.

You can embed this video for your own use on

You may PM me when you want a copy (without YouTube subscribe button)

For the visually impaired people:

All slides are moving clay figures.

Slide 1: Moving clay vehicles, billboard; Text: Wealthy Affiliate Presents, What is affiliate marketing

Slide 2: Clay maze moving puppets; Text: It's a maze of possibilities online

Slide 3: Clay arrows flying in; Text: One opportunity is affiliate marketing

Slide 4: Clay building area; Text: You build a website

Slide 5: Clay approval V; Text: You apply for affiliation at a company

Slide 6: Clay puppet with thinking cloud; Text: You promote the products from the company on your website

Slide 7: 16 clay arrows pointing to the text: People click on your links and they buy the product

Slide 8: Clay building with moving cars, trucks and a plane. Text: The company delivers and takes care of the payment

Slide 9: Clay $ sign; Text: And you get paid a percentage of the sales amount

Slide 10: Clay dancing musical note; Text: Fortunately, you do not have to do it alone

Slide 11: Clay schoolboard with screenshot of What's a Niche and college students and a teacher; Text: We provide a comprehensive video training

Slide 12: Clay area map signs; Text: The best of all is that you can start from any location

Slide 13: Clay Billboard hidden under a cloth a crane removes the canvas; Text: Give it a try. You can start today. For free

Slide 14: Clay winners cup; Text: WA Education. It's Simple. Our Training Works.

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MoniArora Premium
Loes, it looks like you are having fun with :-)
Amazing video... thank you for sharing.
Stay blessed!
Loes Premium
Yes, I really like to make those vids:)) Thanks! You're welcome!
JamesJB Premium
That's fabulous :))
Loes Premium
Thanks James:))
Harizan Premium
Looks fantastic, Loes:) Great thanks again!
Loes Premium
Thanks Anton:))
Rae-1965 Premium
This is really cool Loes. I'm glad to see you are still here! I didn't know who had moved on and who had stayed with WA since I left. I am finding some of the most successful people, or at least people I thought were successful, took their knowledge to the streets and left WA behind. is the way to go. Clickbank offers their own "University" to teach the same thing supposedly faster. I have everything I need right here, why would I go elsewhere? Great teaching!
Rae Anne
Loes Premium
Thanks Rae Anne, welcome back:)) I will never leave WA
buffetearns Premium
Nice again, thanks!

Loes Premium
Glad you like it Wayne:))
buffetearns Premium
Always like your stuff, well most of the time, 99%, 99.99% may be! It's all quality with you.

Thanks Loes

Loes Premium
Thanks Wayne, nice to say that:))