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Wealthy Affiliate Presents:

The Free Membership Account

Start Affiliate Marketing For Free

This video is especially made for the community without any name attached.

You can embed this video for your own use on

You may PM me when you want a copy (without YouTube subscribe button)

For the visually impaired people:

Slide 1: Logo Wealthy Affiliate; Text: The Free Membership Account

Slide 2: Lace/scissor; Text: Start Affiliate Marketing For Free

Slide 3: Magnifying glass; Text: How Does It Work?

Slide 4: Screenshot Anonymous Homepage; Text: Create A Free Account; Text 2: Click the link below this video

Slide 5: Screenshot Anonymous Homepage with filled in data; Text: Fill In Your Name, Email, Password And Nick Name; Text 2: Click the link below this video

Slide 6: Paint roller; Text: And You Are Ready To Roll!

Slide 7: Screenshot start certification cours; Text: Click on the link provided in your welcome message by Kyle

Slide 8: Screenshot Task 1 Watch the walkthrough video; Text: Enjoy the Wealthy Affiliate Walkthrough Video

Slide 9: Screenshot task 2, complete account setup; Text: Let Us Know Who You Are

Slide 10: Manipulated screenshot with only the free membership advantages; Text: When We Say FREE. It's FREE. As Long As you Wish

Slide 11: Unveiling dish; Text: Start Today For $ 0,00

Slide 12: Original WA banner Wealthy Affiliate going up; Text: Affiliate Marketing Specialists

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Wealthy Affiliate Presents Affiliate Marketing

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LouisaB Premium
Amazingly Grace!
How fabulous of you!
Just creative and you know it.

Thank you!

Louisa B
Loes Premium
Thanks Louisa:))
LeeMcQuay Premium
Omg, you are just amazing. Just when I think things couldn't get any better, you go and top it all.
Simply amazing.
Thank you. Another bookmark for me.
Lee Ann
Loes Premium
Thank you very much Lee Ann
JamesJB Premium
Wonderful, thank you! I'll watch it better when I get home :)
Loes Premium
Thank you, enjoy it when you are home:)
Rainfalls Premium
Wow.... Wow... This is my wow face.... WOW!!!
Loes Premium
Haha, thank you! I didn't know that face yet:))
Steven-A Premium
very nice. you've been hard at work again I see
Loes Premium
Thanks, I am getting the hang of it:))
Steven-A Premium
surely you jest