Alright, you have now entered the "friend zone". Your transparency and the way you have been able to connect to people via your emails through your stories, through your help, and through offering your social connections has lead to a good relationship..

Now what? Sell your butt off?

Well, not exactly. This is not quite the time for blatant promotions, you don't want your friends to think you were just stringing them along the whole time in attempt to sell them something. It is the truth to some degree, but you have to be far more subtle about this and sell far more tastefully.

Your goal here is to continue building trust, so don't compromise your friendship for the sake of hard selling. Make your first sale attempt or two a soft sale.

Enriching an Offer

After you have made a sale or made your initial offer, you can up the ante a bit by offering a more targeted sales pitch. One that is directed at the customer in a way that they understand what the offer is, but they also are going to understand that you are enriching the offer.

I will give you ways in which you can sell in a subtle, yet highly effective manner to your email list. Earlier I used a golf example when I was first explained the "friend" aspect of relationship building, but here I am going to give you some more generalized ideas as to how you can enrich an offer. If they buy your offer, you could give them...

  1. Personal Support for an entire month
  2. You could offer to pay them back personally if they didn't like it (or help them get a refund)
  3. You could offer a complimentary addition to the offer
  4. You could offer your support in advance of the purchase
  5. You could offer something that you have that is paid
  6. You could offer training on how to use the product/service
The Different types of Emails Used to Sell

There are two types of email messages you can send out via your autoresponder, a broadcast and a follow-up email.

A broadcast email is also known as an email "blast" and essentially what you are doing is sending a timely email out to your entire list (or a portion of your list) to provide them with news, information, or promotions. This is where you can sell seasonal offers, time sensitive offers, cover products launches or new services, or run contests and promotions. This is where you can effectively enrich an offer.

A follow-up email message is what is an automated sequence that you set up within your autoresponder account that allows you to send out emails on a timed schedule. If you have ever joined a mailing list, you will have noticed that you likely get emails on quite a regular occurrence for the first couple of months. This is because they have created a follow-up email sequence that runs automatically after you join their list.

Think of follow-up sequences used to build your reputation, build your brand and generate your initial sales through subtle and helpful promotions. Broadcast emails are geared more towards timely, one-time promotions.

A Big Email List is Worth Big Money

With email marketing, you can have thousands of people on your mailing lists. Marketers who have been building their lists for years can have 100,000's of people on their mailing lists. When you reach this point, your business potential is very "long term" in nature because every single broadcast that you send out is going to earn you a significant amount of money!

With 100,000 people only one email away, it is easy to see how you can turn an email list into revenue each and every time you send a promotion. With this being said, you DO NOT want to send out emails that simply sell products. In order to keep your subscribers from "unsubscribing" you need to send out quality content.

We have tested many different techniques. We've sent out guides, tutorials, tips, e-books, how to's, and other information in our broadcast emails, just so we can keep our users interested in what we have to say and keep them reading our emails. Every once in a while we send out a pure promotional email that can generate literally thousands of dollars - tens of thousands in some cases!

Joint Ventures, heck no!

In my honest opinion, try to stay away from JOINT VULTURES, I mean join ventures. If you don't know the products that you are promoting, DO NOT promote it. It is as simple as that! Tit for tat email marketing promotion and partnerships can lead to a fractured list and can actually ruin the relationships with your email subscribers that you have worked so hard to create.

This is what they mean when they say push button money...

I despise the term "push button" as nothing is easy in business, it does take hard work. In order to be able to email 1,000's of people, you have to work hard to build your list. However, once you have a list, you can send out broadcast emails to them when you have something to promote and likely make $1,000's at will. That is the power of email marketing.

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mlynch72 Premium
Maybe I was just stupid, but I have tried for almost a year to get this up and running and now I think I have it. This alone is worth its weight in gold!
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Maybe I was just stupid, but I have tried for almost a year to get this up and running and now I think I have it. This alone is worth its weight in gold!
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This part of the course was priceless.
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This part of the course was priceless.
Persistance Premium
When I sign-up to a site, I'm always impressed when I get an immediate response e-mail. To me, autoresponders are a must to carry out a successful e-mail campaign.