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Joined September 2009
Retired,62, before my time. A back injury and one month later cancer, (which I beat)
Love to fish and have a vegetable garden.
Mostly, I love to help people in need.
Spending many hours on computer trying to make a dream come true.
When you spend all of your life being active, it's frustrating to keep busy when you can't have a job that you can do anymore. The internet is for me.
The last 16 years of my employment was as a systems engineer for Apple Computer. I did not graduate from college but made sure that my 3 daughters did. It was that, or stay at home and pay me a lot of money to stay there. They got the hint.
Thanks all,
Bill Paul
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Neil Little Premium
Hi Persistance, I like fishing as well except I never seem to have the time at the moment.
Persistance Premium
"I hope I don't have any time either"
Persistance Premium
"Nice to meet you John" I have a lot to take in but I do see an end result if I do it right.
TJ Books Premium
Fishing is my thing too. John
TJ Books Premium
Welcome, and lots of luck! Persistance is what it takes! John
Persistance Premium
Newbee with patience and teachable.