How to use the Live Chat

The Live Chat or Live General Discussion can be found on the right hand side of the home page in WA. Just type in the box as shown below.

As well as the reply button you can also click on the action button which will allow you to report spam or to send a private message to an individual

The purpose of the Live Chat

The purpose of the Live Chat is to give members of the WA community the opportunity to 'chat' in real time and get a quick response for issues that concern them. As it has evolved, people use in lots of different ways to support their internet marketing activities and as a member of the community. Take a look at the list below.

Examples of How the Live Chat is used

  • To introduce themselves
  • To welcome people
  • To get to know other members
  • To ask questions
  • To get quick answers
  • To answer questions
  • To ask for help
  • To help other members
  • To ask people to look at something
  • To ask someone to critque something
  • To inform
  • To learn
  • To ask for feedback
  • To pay a compliment
  • To share good and bad experiences
  • To share good and bad news
  • To share knowledge
  • To share a joke and have a laugh
  • To make friends
  • To vent (anger or frustration)
  • To dip in and out to see what is going on in general
  • To discuss an IM issue or problem
  • To talk about any issue unrelated to IM - examples include, holidays, food, children, world economy, dogs, football, Olympics ...

How should you use the Live Chat?

This is entirely up to you. Some people get irritated by the chat which has nothing to do with internet marketing, but for others it is an integral part of their experience. What's important is that you find how you can make it work for you.

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Hudson Premium
Thanks for taking the time to do this for us Beverley, very informative,
BIS Premium
Thank you. Hope you found it useful

Deezdz Premium
Well done Beverley. Excellent tutorial!
BIS Premium
Thanks for taking the time to comment Dee.
mdude Premium
I have been trying to figure out if the Live chat is where we can ask others to review our sites and give feedback. As per your list this looks acceptable, are there any cautions you could add about this?
BIS Premium
Hi - You can either drop into the Live Chat and ask people to take a quick look at your site ( in which case you will get quite a quick response), or if you would like to open it up to more people, then post a blog asking people to review. Either way you will get some answers.

If you let me know - I'm happy to take a look

Shawn Martin Premium
Nice job Beverley. this was overdue!
BIS Premium
Thanks Shawn. Hopefully it will help some of the new members or some of the people who are reluctant to use it.
Labman Premium Plus
Well covered, missed a couple of the mechanics like the Reply button and the Actions button but these are small problems. I might redact the Fer quote to remove the name as she asked to be purged from this system ( I would remove references to that user). And you are welcome for the screen shot.
BIS Premium
Thanks Craig - I did include something on the Reply button - you must have missed it. it's on the second page - I didn't explain what the action button was for - so I have added it. I have removed the name as suggested. Thanks
Labman Premium Plus
Sorry, yes I did skip right over it. Hmmm, banner blindness?