Is Live Chat open to anyone?

Yes it's open to all members whether you have joined up for the free 10 day trial or whether you have signed up to be a premium member.

Is the Live Chat just open to a special clique?

No. It really is open to everyone. Of course some people know each other quite well simply because of the time they have spent using it. But everyone is welcome

I have an IM question that is really stupid - should I ask it?

No questions about internet marketing are stupid and if you need to know something - never be afraid to ask. No one will laugh at you

If there's a conversation going on - can I interrupt?

You cannot treat the Live Chat like a normal conversation and wait for someone to stop talking. If you need to ask a question you have to go ahead and ask it.

Why hasn't someone answered my question?

There are several reasons why people may not have answered a question or may not have appeared to answer your question.
  • There's no one about who can give you the right answer (sometimes happens over technical questions)
  • Sometimes people get very cross and impatient and then write in a way that upsets other people. Although this doesn't happen a lot it can happen. If you don't ask questions in a polite way, you may not get a response.
  • Sometimes people have answered your question but there are so many conversations going on - you have missed the reply. Check the full view if you think you may have missed a reply

How often is the Live Chat open?

The Live Chat is available 24/7. However, there are times of the day when it may appear a little quieter because of the different time zones people live in.

Why do some people not use Live Chat?

There are a number of reasons why people don't use Live Chat
  • Shyness
  • Fear of appearing stupid
  • Difficult in following multiple conversations
  • Don't understand how to use it
  • Don't appreciate the usefulness of it
  • Don't want to dominate the chat by asking lots of questions.
No one can force you to use the Live Chat, but I'd advise that you overcome any concerns and give it a go.

Do the owners ever use the Live Chat?

Yes they do. Kyle or Carson or both use it nearly every day and are available to chat, help you out and answer questions. Their philosophy is that they are there to help, so don't be too shy to ask them.

Is there anything that I can't use the Live Chat for?

Yes, there are just a few rules about what you can't do in the Live Chat and these are explained on the following page

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Hudson Premium
Thanks for taking the time to do this for us Beverley, very informative,
BIS Premium
Thank you. Hope you found it useful

Deezdz Premium
Well done Beverley. Excellent tutorial!
BIS Premium
Thanks for taking the time to comment Dee.
mdude Premium
I have been trying to figure out if the Live chat is where we can ask others to review our sites and give feedback. As per your list this looks acceptable, are there any cautions you could add about this?
BIS Premium
Hi - You can either drop into the Live Chat and ask people to take a quick look at your site ( in which case you will get quite a quick response), or if you would like to open it up to more people, then post a blog asking people to review. Either way you will get some answers.

If you let me know - I'm happy to take a look

Shawn Martin Premium
Nice job Beverley. this was overdue!
BIS Premium
Thanks Shawn. Hopefully it will help some of the new members or some of the people who are reluctant to use it.
Labman Premium Plus
Well covered, missed a couple of the mechanics like the Reply button and the Actions button but these are small problems. I might redact the Fer quote to remove the name as she asked to be purged from this system ( I would remove references to that user). And you are welcome for the screen shot.
BIS Premium
Thanks Craig - I did include something on the Reply button - you must have missed it. it's on the second page - I didn't explain what the action button was for - so I have added it. I have removed the name as suggested. Thanks
Labman Premium Plus
Sorry, yes I did skip right over it. Hmmm, banner blindness?