Next Level Multitasking,

That is what i am going to write about now...

Let's see how my office looks like:

At the end of 2018 i upgraded my home-office and the result was:

I went from ranking arround 10.000 to 500.
Now i am at the top200 and on my way to become Ambassador.

I have seen a increase in speed and screenspace i have to do things simultanously.
One of the things i love is to watch video's at Wealthy Affiliate and make notes.

That is something many people do at Wealthy Affiliate, that's why i think they need this.
U never have to switch screen anymore. This works wayyyy faster !!

I wil show u what i mean >>

This way i never have to switch screen and i can make notes faster and continue watching faster.

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SondraM Premium
This is a great idea!

Back when I had a paid position, I always had at least two screen to work from. It saved a lot of time. I could have the information that I was researching on one screen. The presentation I was working on the next screen. I would also keep one screen to monitor emails coming in requesting assistance. Those were always my top priority when they came in.
Dehay Premium
Why don't u have one now ?
It works faster and less headache...
SondraM Premium
I simply have not prioritized setting it up like that. I've chose to have my old computer and new computer in different rooms. And then, I completely forgot about having that arrangement until I saw this training. lol
Dehay Premium
I am happy i could be a reminder :-)
Tipqmon11 Premium
Great post....Great minds think alike. I am currently using my computer and my tablet screens, until I can get another monitor. Switching screens is a pain sometimes. Keep up the Great Work!
Dehay Premium
Extending your screen is easyer.
But if there are no option. A tablet is a good idea as wel.