OK. You have your domain, you have your blog set-up, you have your All in One SEO set-up...now what.

Now you want to add content. Content gets listed. Content makes us WordPress users money and without it your site is not going to get the rankings you want.

As I have mentioned (and you will continue to hear from me), writing should be fun. Writing should not be a super awkward task that requires you to "fake" your way around things.

Effective writing is about your personality, your opinions, and often times your mistakes and blunders. You should also write about things you enjoy or are interested in.

Coming up with Content Ideas

What I recommend is that you create yourself a list of at least 25 topics that you can write about. This will be the starting point of your blog and your first set of posts and articles. It may sound like a lot of work, but if you create 1 or 2 blog posts per day, you could have 25 pages or posts up in a matter of ONE month!

Here is an example list of 17 topics if you were going to create a blog about....hmmm....Raw Food Diets.

Potential Posts/Pages:

  • Raw food festival
  • Raw food health expo
  • best raw food diets
  • is eating raw foods safe
  • spring vegetable raw foods
  • find raw food retreat
  • raw food diet results
  • raw food diet plan
  • eating raw nuts & seeds
  • the benefits of eating raw vegetables
  • healing benefits of raw foods
  • what color vegetables should i eat
  • what is a raw food diet
  • how to get fat from vegetables
  • lose weight eating raw foods
  • best vegetables for protein
  • raw food diet recipes

How did I come up with these topics. Simple. I first got a small list of ideas by going into Google and typed in "raw food diets". I browsed the web, the news, and the blogs to come up with some ideas.

Web: http://www.google.com
News: http://news.google.com/
Blogs: http://blogsearch.google.com

And I used a Q & A site:


Then I plugged in some of these "themes" into the keyword tool at WA.


To expand upon these topics and get some more ideas. Also, if you are interested in a topic or a niche, you should spend some time doing some "involved" reading. It will enhance you writing, your connection with your audience, and also give you a ton of blog post/page ideas.

Now, we get to the actual writing of your content. You need to take 10 things into consideration when building your WordPress content for maximum SEO!

Writing about something you are passionate about is the starting point, but you should take the optimization aspects of your content into consideration as well.

Here are the top 10 SEO components of your WordPress Blog Content:

(1) Page/Post title Optimization

Your page/post title has a clear impact on your search engine rankings. If you have set-up your All in One SEO for your permalinks, you should now be optimized for your titles to be properly ranked within the search engines.

When naming your pages/posts, you should consider the following:

  • Search engines put more weight on the early words in a title, so if your target keywords are closer to the front of the page title, they are more likely to rank well.
  • People read from left to right when they see search results. If your keywords are at the start of your listing (on the left) your page will get clicked on at a higher rate.

So, in saying this, you should name your pages with your target keywords. This way you will get ranked much better and it will lead to much more traffic.

**Example: If you are targeting the keyword "putting a youtube video on your wordpress blog", your page title should reflect that. You will see an example of this on my blog:


And here is how it is displayed within Google:

(2) Image optimization

An often overlooked part of WordPress SEO is how you handle your images. You should consider your target keywords when writing alt tags for images. You also want to consider how you name the files, you can get yourself a bit of extra traffic from the different image search engines.

(3) Link Optimization

You want to optimize the linking text on your site. In particular, if you are creating a link from one page to another on your site, you should make the links specific to the actual keywords you are using.

The link text to outbound pages is also important. If you are linking to an affiliate product or simply to another site, you should aim to include your keywords within the context of your links.

(4) Headings

Your heading tags are very important. Most Wordpress themes have already gotten this right within their actual template, but you want to make sure your post title is a relevant to your keyword.

Google and other SE's takes headings very seriously when considering your SEO ranking, thus another reason for naming your post and blog correctly. Most of you will not have to change or do anything here because most WordPress blogs are automatically set-up in this fashion.

(5) Your Sidebar Widgets

Most of the themes in WordPress offer the capability to add widgets to your sidebar. These can increase your keyword density and increase the overall optimization of internal linking on your site.

To get to these, you want to go into your WordPress admin area and click on Appearance -> Widgets (as shown below).

Then you will see a group of widgets that pop-up. You simply grab these widgets and drag them over to the sidebar area (on the right) as outlined below. This will add these widgets to the Sidebar within all the pages on your site.

And as you can see on my craftycontent.com site, this is what it looks like:

You can choose whatever ones you like here, but I recommend using at least Categories and Recent Posts if you are making a decent amount of posts on your site.

(6) Pages vs. Posts

You will notice within WordPress admin, that you have the choice between a page and a post. Which one should you use and when should you use it?

A "page" can be better in some instances. To rank for the terms in Google (especially high competition ones), you have to have the right keyword density. If you use a post, you will likely get comments which can destroy this carefully "construed" keyword density.

So, make your more important articles PAGES, and your regular updates POSTS. That way when you do update your articles (the important pages), you can simply update your page and then make a post about it and link back to it.

Comments can be good (as discussed below), but for some rankings you achieve or aim to achieve, you don't want incoming content to have an adverse impact on your search engine positioning.

(7) Link to other pages on your WP site

Interlinking between your pages in WordPress is very important. In particular if you are linking a brand new post (fresh content) to older content. This will get your content crawled and will allow Google and other SE's to get at this content again.

There are also plugin's available within WordPress that allow you to show "related posts". This essentially does the same thing as it will interlink "related" content within your site, getting exposure to new and old content. Exposing pages to search engines will enhance your sites "crawability"...increasing your SEO rankings.

There are a bunch of Related Post plugins and we recommend doing a search for them. A couple of the best ones are:

  • Simple Tags
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

(8) Reader Involvement (comments)

Comments are very powerful. They allow you to get feedback on your site, have people tell you how special you are, and ultimately have other people creating content for you that may get picked up by the serach engines.

Visitor engagement is one of the most important factors of getting people to link to your site. It allows you to build relationships and create a dialogue on certain topics.

Say you have a blog post discussing "how to beat Super Mario Brothers 3". If the traffic is there, you will likely get many comments related to the target keyword. You will be able to create a relationship with your commenters. And you will likely get some back-links from other blogs, other social mediums, and likely even some website if your post is helpful and engaging.

Write content that is unique, original and captivating. Also something that is very simple but many people fail to avoid it, is to "ask" people to comment...it will lead to much greater user generated content and greater SEO rankings.

The reason comments are good for SEO is because it keeps your posts current. When Google (or another Search Engine) visits your site, they will see the content has been updated and give you brownie points for that. It will also recrawl the surround pages because of this...which in turn leads to more rankings

(9) Twitter

Is it tweeting, twatting, or twitting?

Regardless, we recommend that you install the following auto-tweet application like HootSuite.

By tweeting your posts as well, you will get further exposure to your blog. People tend to read their "tweets" more regularly then they read their email and it is just another way to get people linking into your site blog, talking about your blog, and even buying or performing an action on your blog

(10) Dropping in on related blogs

Getting links from or on related blogs can give your own WordPress blog a big bump!

If you want to rank for certain keywords, I suggest you go into a blog search engine and search under your keywords. Some of the best blog search engines are:

Read the blogs that rank in the top ten....and start posting some valuable and insightful comments on them. You could even do a post on your blog (linking to theirs) and start an ongoing communication with the blog owner via their comments. The only way to get the links you'll need to rank is to become a part of the community and to offer value.

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SophiaMia Premium
In re: to the the note at the bottom, what if I am a premium member and can make 50 websites, do I still need to go to godaddy and buy a domain there? And is there a tutorial somewhere on how to change DNS settings to a WA hosting? I have no clue where my DNS settings are.
MBond Premium
You do not need to buy a domain from Godaddy, you can purchase that here from WA. Here is the tutorial to transfer a domain from GoDaddy:
ericcantu Premium
You don’t need go daddy at all if you’re here building websites at WA. You can register a paid domain right here with WA :)
SophiaMia Premium
thank you for that !
SophiaMia Premium
thank you ! I get it now :)
Vansino Premium
Very informative; however I would like to suggest that you remember who your audience is.
Some of us are (Novices/Newbies) not fully conversant with all the "Acronyms" used in this sphere of marketing. It would be helpful if you stated in (...) the long form of the abbreviation not necessarily on every use of the Acronym but on the initial use within the article/lesson etc.
Hope this "Constructive Criticism" is viewed in the light of being helpful and making these tutorials beneficial to all.

DarlaC1 Premium
I think I am going to go through theses lessons once before I start trying to set anything up. Reading the posts can be confusing and it seems at least once or twice the answer in these discussions comes up as continue to read and you will have a better understanding. Comments?
Mikepawlik Premium
Hey Darla, I followed you :)

In my own personal experience, I believe taking action is KEY at wealthy affiliate and simply reading through the lessons will help, but actually putting them into practice as you go will aid much better in learning.

I really do believe one should follow the training and implement everything the training says to do as you go. Otherwise you'll just have to go back and do the training again because I guarantee you won't remember much of what was covered.

Hope this helps!
Labman Premium
I you want to commit the lesson to memory then you should go through each 3 times.

I usually will scan the lesson and see what questions I have, then I will read through it and identify the answers to the questions I had in the first go as well as follow any links in the lesson.

Finally I will go through and implement the lessons and check off the tasks as I complete them.
I am not a techie at all. I have been working on an online business for a couple of weeks and have got a domain name and hosting and working on Wordpress web site now(for free). It wasn't very easy for me but I got a lot out of the experience. Not sure if I should use the same name or even bring it here or just start anew here. Has anybody been in the same situation I am in now and what advice/steps would you recommend! It is part of a proof of concept for myself and will continue it just not sure what will be best going forward.
Thank you Boydy
Callieman Premium
I just joined and I am not so tech savvy. I understand that one must purchase a domain before creating a website. When I click on GoDaddy a bunch of information comes up on the different packages. I am a bit confused. Which one do I pick? Can someone clarify for me???
DaleMaz Premium
My friend what you need to do is go to the green certification button and start your lessons. The time to buy a domain will come in time. it will all be done right in here and it is quite easy as well
PatrickM1 Premium
You can purchase a domain at Wealthy Affiliate and host it here. Just click on SiteRubix--Site Domain and start searching for one. Here is a screen capture of it.
@RICH. Premium
I recommend you transfer any domains you purchased from GoDaddy to another registrar before renewal, they are likely to sting you for anything from $40+ a domain.
FlorDiaz Premium
Hi guys! I am on lesson 7 and suddenly overwhelmed. Ok do I get a domain name first? (I have q couple of ideas) Do I get a blog first? Do I get a website? Do I get all 3? Do I have to link my domain to WA and if so HOW? I admit I am a total newbie but I want to give it all. Any help is appreciated!! Please bear in mind I have 5mo old twins that demand my attention 24/7. Right now I am getting ready to sleep (7:30 pm ET yikes!!!) because I go to bed with them and wake up every 3 hours to feed them. So it is a huge sacrifice I am willing to make. If you write and I don't reply, I am probably sleeping or feeding them. I will get back to you as soon as I have a chance. It is extremely exciting and hard, especially being a single mom of twins, but I will get there
MozMary Premium
Hi there, you have two free .http://siterubix.com websites as a Starter member, you can choose whatever name you like for them and as you follow along in the training Kyle will show you how to set up a website and create 3 pages and build out content - these your blog

make sure to start at lesson one and do each step without missing anything

you have the option to buy your own domain name at any time, whenever you are ready and know your niche and have a name that you like, but you can follow along the lessons on the free sites and start building and writing. Things built on those free sites can be moved to your own domain at any time
FlorDiaz Premium
Good morning, MozMary! And than you so very much for the advise. I am at work already!! But I wanted to check out the emails. (of course, I am not allowed, but I am tired of following rules anyway. This is why I want to do this. I want to break free from the corporate world that pays very little and never appreciates our sacrifices.) So I will go through all the lessons and I will then create my two websites. Got it! As soon as I find my niches I will get the domain name and from there I count with all you guys help to move on. I have Kyle and he is an encyclopedia of knowledge, so I know I will be good. Thanks again and I will continue reading. Have a wonderful Tuesday
I have the same questions. Also, is it expensive to get domains? Also a complete newbie with a very fixed income, so need all the help anyone can give me. Thanks in advance
You definitely will get there
No sure if WA is promoting Godaddy but I suggest shopping around for domain name providers before just going to Godaddy. Godaddy is becoming a bit pricey. Once I was looking for a domain name, priced it on Godaddy and I found the same domain name significantly cheaper with another provider.
flaviagray Premium
I agree. The one thing that drives me insane about Go Daddy is once you purchase a domain, you get inundated with calls and emails for web developers. If you want to keep your details private, you have to pay extra.
dlibreros Premium
I used to use GoDaddy, but like you said they got pricey. Not only that, but my info was not kept private. Now I use Namecheap. You can also give SiteDomains a try.
Mazzi856 Premium
I recently had this problem, I had to change my ( Name Servers )
To Wealthy Affiliate of the blog site, I wanted to be hosted here.
and redirect my other domain to my blog site. as for a subdomain, you can just make one in GoDaddy, and redirect your sub to the other site. hope that didn't confuse you.
pathtosucces Premium
Ok, please tell me how this works in my situation: I currently own a domain through GoDaddy that is forwarded to a replicated site selling healthcare products I market. I would like to set up a blog site that provides information about health care with internal links back to my replicated site for ordering. Can I use same domain name for my blog site? Do I leave that domain forwarded to my replicated site through GoDaddy? Not sure what it means to "change DNS Settings to WA Hosting".
@RICH. Premium
You would set the DNS of the domain you own to point to the hosting here, set up an entirely new website, and then link back from that to your replicated site for ordering.
pathtosucces Premium
So I could use the same domain name, remove the forwarding at GoDaddy, change the DNS hosting to WA hosting (which I assume I will learn about in training) and then through my blog posts insert links to my replicated site for ordering--right?
@RICH. Premium
I believe it would work but obviously I can't offer any guarantees.

Certainly you can cancel the forwarding at GoDaddy, change the DNS to point to the hosting here and then create links to the replicated site, but the replicated site would no longer appear under your own domain name. so does that matter? If does, you'll need to two domains, one for here and one for the replicated site.

You can find out more about setting DNS here I'd also consider moving your domains from GoDaddy, either to here at WA or somewhere like Namecheap, as GoDaddy tend to sting you at renewal.
KC1953 Premium
Don't know if it's just my machine but several of the links in this article are dead. Here's one example. www*internetmarketingstartup dot net (had to modify link cuz non-premiees like myself can't post links. This is what I get when clicking it. Error establishing a database connection

A few of the CPA links are decorative but not functional too. :-}
PaulaSpring Premium
I think WordPress is an excellent place to build a site. I also, just began putting together my site content. I want to get all of that organised before I build my site. I know this is good, but how soon can you start building your site before your site is seen by other people?
billyghawaii Premium
Your site will be minimally public until you verify with search engines and are indexed. You can share your site via direct links to your pages though.
amyr2017 Premium
You can start building your site right away -- step by step, post by post, and as you get it indexed and as you get the word out, it will start to be seen, and ranked...
EddySalomon Premium
No one is going to see your site in most cases. It takes time for Google to rank your website. So don't worry about going live.
PaulaSpring Premium
Okay! Thank you!
PaulaSpring Premium
Thank you!
PaulaSpring Premium
Thanks, Amy!
TLawson1 Premium
What do u mean by indexed?
flyinghigh Premium
I desperately need your assistance RE Lesson 1, under this Topic: Make Money With WordPress - Traffic Getting/Revenue Driving Forces

For the past 2 days or so, I've been battling with my new website.
I am struggling to proceed beyond the All In One SEO Plug in, terms of the Lesson, I suspect the version that is used within the lesson is an older version of app. So with my newer version, the page that follows after clicking "activate" is not the same as the one in the lesson, and as such it takes me to a different direction/page.

I hope you understand my frustration. Please help.
tanktopguy Premium
This is the first part of the training so far that I am totally confused about. I do not understand the Permalink thing, or what the options page is. "Your blog is now set up to create links and meta tags," this is also not something currently in my wheelhouse of knowledge or brain-bank.
YinkaO1 Premium
I need a help here, how can i use WordPress to build my site, i have bought my domain name through WA few days ago but i have not done anything really on the site. Is there any video that teaches one what to do? Please i need your urgent response. Thank you!
ADias Premium
Hi Yinka,
You have to do the lessons in the green left button "Certification".
Kyle teaches everything you need to build your website, just do the lessons.
YinkaO1 Premium
Thanks Alex for your response. I have to go through the tutorial again to fully comprehend it.
Susan11 Premium
I need to find the Monthly numbers through google, which is always sending me to Myway. com search.com.. Where do I find the Monthly Numbers for my genre of let's say the Paranormal? Can someone please help me? I need an address or wording that is not going to be misunderstood.
Labman Premium
go to Google search. It seems that your ISP is sending you to myway.com.

RDunkinson Premium
I went into the website I am trying to create but the name at the top is not what I want. I know I mentioned this name in a note to someone, but have decided on another name which does show up but when I go to the website it does not. How can this be fixed?

Baby Accessories Plus is my domain name and Future Fortunes is my Website.
ADias Premium
Hi RDunkinson,
Your domain name is your website, so, it is the same.
VitaliyG Premium
Hi Ruth, I am not sure I understand your question. I went to your website and it said it's ready to have a site installed to it which you can do here:


Within that link you should see your domain be listed. After you pick it, you should be able to build the site as you want it.
MandyMolly Premium
the http://internetmarketingstartup.net link doesn't go through, and the link on previous pages where it said 'click here to join Strip that Fat' . . . or is it my PC.

Loads of lovely information though. Thank you for all of this.

Me overwhelmed? Nooooo .......
Oh, alright then, may be a tincy lot.
CalebChoo Premium
Just for the admin to correct spelling mistake here in bracket.. Cheers

(8) Reader Involvement (comments)

Comments are very powerful. They allow you to get feedback on your site, have people tell you how special you are, and ultimately have other people creating content for you that may get picked up by the serach (miss spell word) engines.
CalebChoo Premium
Sorry should be misspell word
Julie8 Premium
I was viewing the question about the different kinds of membership and it said there was the free one and premium membership only but in the lesson about WordPress it says Platinum members of WA get access to install unlimited WordPress sites using WP Express. So my question is - Is Premium membership and Platinum membership the same thing?
onmyownterms Premium
Yes, Premium and Platinum are the same thing.
So if we stay with the free membership , we can't use wordpress?
JackieParker Premium
Also, i'm so confused on backlinks now. I just had an email exchange w/Kyle recently and i thought i understood him to advise me NOT to worry about backlinks. Also, I was trying to understand article directories and googled it and found many articles saying that it's no longer relevant.

Can someone please clarify for me? Thanks so much in advance!
Janessa-7074 Premium
I played around with the Word Press Expression. or Rubix for a bit. Being familiar with Dream Weaver and Sublime Text I'm not as familiar with Word Press as I'd like to be I took some time and went though the Admin. Just fiddled around and testing some features. I'd recommend newbies pick up a book on how to use Word Press and watch Youtube videos unless Wealthy Affiliates provide training for Word Press in the premium membership area. I can see how Word Press would assist a new person or none technical person. My critic with this is the limitation of design options and layout options, anyone familiar with Dream Weaver or Sublime Text will know what I mean here.
trufflesmd Premium
I got an email invitation for a class on All-in-one SEO for Friday at 5pm but when I tried to register it said I had to be a premium member. Since I just joined I thought I a had access to these classes for my first 7 days. Is this not the case?
FHagstrom Premium
As a starter member, you get access to certain premium features for the first 7 days such as being able to ask questions in the community, in blogs here and in chat but the live video classes are a premium only feature, good luck to you here
stephhill Premium
You will have access to the first ten lessons in the Get Started Here section as a "free member". Also, you will have to training created by other WA members who marked their training available to all members, premium or not. For example, when I created my WA training, I did not detect it to be just for premium members, but for ALL members, free and premium. For Jay's training, because his training is SUPERB, you do need to be a premium (paying) member. It would not be fair to grant access to everything regardless of whether or not you are a paying member, because you want the premium members to have benefits from their monthly or yearly payments.

I hope that clarifies somethings.

What could this mean on choosing a domain for SEO: "Choose your domains wisely...or own a lot of them as the name alone can lead to great search engine rankings."

Is this refering to doorway domains (microsites or pages that have been created to direct traffic to the actual usable or relevant part of the website(s))?, because I just read an article that Google tightened their quality guidelines for doorway pages, since it lengthens the process for the user to actually get to their target page, thus leading to a lower rank.
Tw1 Premium
I believe I must have read the same article .
RoyDale Premium
When you choose your domain name it would be easy to remember, have 15 characters or less, be brandable, a com .org or .net You can make it with keywords but not important as long as it is relevant to your niche.

All google wants you to do is have good content that is writen for the reader and not optimized to please the search engine. I think what you read is a black hat sort of thing and you should stay away from it. Yes Google has tightened it's ssecurity on these kind of sites. That includes pack keyords on a page and then changing the font color to match the color of the background. Stuffing keywords on a page that means nothing to the reader.

I hope this helps
Thanks RoyDale that was indeed helpful! But this black hat sort of thing that I read was in this lesson! Page 3 of 21 specifically, last line.. Does that mean this tutorial sometimes teaches black hat techniques we shouldn't follow?
ColleenD Premium
I Love all this information I've been going through all the additional training on the site here I've been looking for a way to put my store website on one of my domains from Go Daddy that I had transferred to WA and was wondering if I need to transfer the domain back to Go Daddy cause I don't know how to put the DNS in
clickrmark Premium
Hi Coleen,

You need to get the name server numbers from your hosting account company and then go to Go Daddy, log in and go to Domains, choose the Domain, click it then Manage domains and in settings go to name servers then click manage and add name servers and then click on the blue circle with a x inside to remove the the prior name servers. Once that's done click on save and it should be up and running from approximately 15 minutes to 1 hour. Any questions call Go Daddy direct at Support (480) 505-8877 available 24/7. Hope that helps!
gbpack Premium
Yes I did and I just tried it again and it doesn't seem to be working still. SO, I just happen to think that I didn't upgrade to the newest version of wordpress yet so I did that and low and behold, it worked. How about that hey? lol

I messed around with it for two to three days before I even thought of this, pretty dumb! thank you for always willing to help here at WA. I love this place.
onmyownterms Premium
This is still showing as unanswered, if you need assistance still, please shoot me a PM.