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Though I have done training on keywords before and several blogs, there are still other things you need to know for SEO rankings. I intend to share with you many of the facts about keywords I have learned and used to get high Google rankings.


We all learn from the WA training that we should use only one target keyword for each page and post on our website. We then place the keyword in the page or post title, making sure that it is part of the URL. This can easily be done if the keyword appears as close to the beginning of the title as possible.

EXAMPLE: I have a post on my website where the title is, “Does Wealthy Affiliate Work – I Have Proof that it Does!” The keyword for this post is “Does Wealthy Affiliate Work” and it appears at the very beginning of the post title. However there will be times that the keyword cannot be the actual title.

EXAMPLE: I have a page on my website where the title is, “Getting Started” but the keyword is “How to Stay Clear of Online Scams.” In this instance I could not get the keyword into the URL but I was still able to get it into the title by adding it to my Title Meta Tag after the permalink URL had been saved as Getting Started.


1. Create your generic page title, one without a keyword like Getting Started

2. Either save the unfinished or finished page as a Draft in WordPress or Publish it

3. Now go to your Title Meta Tag in the All in One SEO Pack area under the WordPress editor window where you typed your content and enter in your keyword. - What I did was to retype the entire Meta Title as Getting Started - How to Stay Clear of Online Scams.

Then click either Save if the content is a Draft and is not published, or click Update if the content has already been published.


I have found that it is best to have your target keyword within the first 140 character spaces of your content when at all possible. If you cannot naturally fit it in there then make sure the keyword appears somewhere within the first paragraph of your content.

Though the Meta Description is 155 character spaces long, the majority of the time there will be a date that is 15 character spaces long at the beginning of the description. So that only leaves 140 character spaces left. Just like with the page or post title, you will have better SEO if you can naturally place your keywords there. If not just make sure it appears in the first paragraph.


The last two places I make sure to put my keywords are in an H3 heading tag near the end of my content and in the Alt Text for all of my images. Sometimes if I am using an image that was acquired specifically for a piece of content, I will make the image filename the keyword as well.

Now I know you have heard people say that the heading tag should be an H2 size for better SEO. That is simply not true. An H3 size does just as well for SEO as an H2 size. I always use H3 because Kyle recommends it and because Googlebot prefers that size. By default the WordPress page/post title appears as either an H2 or H1, depending on the theme.

RECAP: Your keywords should naturally fit into the URL or title, the first 140 character spaces of the first paragraph (or anywhere in the first paragraph), in an H3 heading tag near the end of the content, and in the alt text of all images.

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RKhatra Premium
like the ideas, Thanks
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Tapinder.
Nelson35a Premium
Hi Robert,
I've removed all instances of keywords in the SEO keywords meta tag field for pages and posts on my site. Will doing so automatically update the XML sitemap and/or will Google re-index my pages next time the bot visits? Or is it a good idea to manually do a fetch as Google in Webmaster tools for my home page and all pages linked to it?
boomergp08 Premium
No, everything will be fine next time Googlebot comes back to recrawl your website and update the sitemap.

But if you want you could do a Fetch of your home page and all related links.
Nelson35a Premium
Thanks very much for the help Robert
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome.
speakwealth Premium
Can you take the keywords out of the Meta tag after they have been published?
boomergp08 Premium
For Pages, yes you can.


For Posts you need to be careful. The more recent versions of WordPress and/or the All-in-One SEO are placing your blog post tags in the keyword Meta tag too.

So if you remove your keywords from your Post Meta tags, make sure you do not remove the blog post tags too.
Thanks again!
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Meredith.
ConeyM Premium
Perfect ideas. Thank you!
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Coney, happy you liked it.