I made the mistake of not tracking my keywords and it cost me $100's of dollars in PPC costs that I could have otherwise avoided if I knew which keywords were the money words. Without tracking my keywords, I had no way of knowing what was working and what was not. It's critical to start to weed out the PPC traffic that's not producing results over time so your Return On Investment (ROI) gets better.

When I started out in affiliate marketing, it was impossible to use the Google analytics because I didn't own the payment gateway or confirmation pages to embed the code on. So what's an affiliate to do when they don't have the ability embed Google's code in the back of someone elses site? Well, I had to search for and find a a different tool.

The PPC game is largely a game of numbers and statistics. In order to master it, you have to be able to know your numbers. You don't have to make tracking mistakes and overpay like I did. For example, even though I made $2524 gross last month, I spent $1960 in PPC costs. My net was less than $600 and that was great ($18-20/day net), but at the same time I had to start tracking keywords in order to know which ones were making me money and which ones weren't. I had to find a way to get closer to making the full $80/day. This month looks much better because I was able to get rid of some keywords that have never produced a sale but I was collecting click charges for.

Now I use Keyword Radar to track my keywords. It's great for creating a bunch of google ads quickly with encoded URLS for tracking keywords. You can use it with Google's FREE desktop adwords management software to set up complex ads with lots of keywords and then upload them straight to Google.

It's $59 to get the software and the guy who owns it seems to be schooled in tracking keywords and getting a better ROI in the process. It is a little complex but the tutorials and help will guide you through the process. But I am not trying to promote any one product here. I'm trying to get you to understand that tracking your keywords is critical. HOW you do that is not my concern. I just want you to do it so you can avoid the mistakes I made and get the best return on your PPC investment.

There are other keyword tracking tools out there but I liked this one because of the Google integration and the easy set up. If you know of other keyword tracking tools please leave a comment and share with the member heres. I'm sure there are lots of newbies out there who are jumping into PPC without using any tracking and I hope this tutorial will make them reconsider doing PPC with some tracking in place.

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leah1913 Premium
Thank you so much for this. I also appreciate you sharing how the ppc campaign went. Very helpful.
Ralawami Premium
Thank you for the tutorial
Couchpotato Premium
Great article! Great topic too. I stress over keywords. but I found some tools for free in google chrome. Here's one of them ..maybe this could help someone. -God bless-
Lou47 Premium
Google doesn't like redirecting.
When they find out they will ban and suspend your account.
Scott D Premium
Google doesn't like redirecting.
When they find out they will ban and suspend your account.