Would a Static Homepage be Suitable for your Blog?

When you open a new browser tab on your personal computer or laptop, and you click to visit the homepage of your site, you will find a list of the latest posts on your blog. This is usually how most WordPress themes are set by default. And if you've been a blogger for quite some time, you might have a particular look in mind for your homepage.

How you would want your homepage to look like usually depends on the type of blogging project you have for your audience. It equally depends on what you really want visitors to see when they visit your homepage for the first time.

Making it classic could be the choice of some bloggers and that could be the best for them based on what they have for their visitors, whereas, other bloggers might just want their homepage to be static for reasons best known to them. Whether you're making your homepage classic or static, it's not ideal to say one is better than the other because they are differently used for specific purposes.

Literally, some big-time bloggers, who operated on a very large and loaded blog, usually chose to make their homepages static so that they could give a brief introduction of who they are, what they blog about, and to draw every visitor's attention to specific call-to-actions which might include visiting their blogs, reading blog posts, and many more. A few others may just display a list of the latest posts on their own static homepages.

We can actually explain the disparity between these homepages below:

Several blogs with static homepages usually display a list of the latest posts and some would just display a brief explanation about the blog, their services and so many other things pointing visitors' attention to certain actions on their blogs such as reading posts and many more.

Whereas, there are other blogs with classic homepages that show a list of the latest posts at the top. See an example of a classic homepage with a list of the latest posts at the top in the picture below.

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DebbieRose Premium
Good information...appreciate the steps to create a static page. Thanks
ColleenLVSJC Premium
Thanks for the training, Israel! I still have many changes to make to get my site the way I want it. I'll refer back to your training if I decide to switch to a static page. Thank you!
Hollshope Premium
I can see the advantages of having a static homepage. Thx for this training.
Hollshope Premium
Thanks so much for these links!
merlynmac Premium
Great post! I recently went to a static home page for my site. I liked the design control it gave me. That's not to say my home page is literally static. The theme I use updates the elements used in my static page layout with my latest posts, mostly based on the categories I assign them to. For me, a magazine theme worked best and I love both Envo Magazine and ColorMag.

If you want total control of the look of your main page when someone visits your site, a static page is the way to go!