Writing the Post

Writing is a skill you develop, not a talent you have. Don't be afraid to write, because you're not good enough. You'll get better.

1. Write a Lot

Go for at least 1500 words. You may not succeed, but you'll get close enough.

The posts that rank on the first page are getting longer and longer. So write as much as you can. First, you'll give more information to your readers and second, you'll have more chances to get ranked.

Comments are a good way for increasing your post length, so use SiteComments.

2. Include Personal Experiences/Pain Points

Personal experiences, stories, and pain points make your audience feel closer to you.

3. Small Paragraphs

Don't write long paragraphs, because it's harder for people to read these.

4. Summarize above the Fold

Outline or summarize what you're about to be writing about above the fold.

5. Call to Action

Tell them what you want them to do after reading the post. Write a comment? Subscribe to newsletter? Buy something? Tell them! Maybe it's obvious for you, but it's not so obvious for them. If you don't give them something else to check out, they'll probably leave.

Even if you don't have something else to direct them, ask them a question relative to the post. If they want to leave a comment, that will give them something to write about.

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