Let's Find Out How To Create The Body Of The Blog

1/ Click in the area where it asks you, 'So, what's on your mind? Go ahead and enter it here!' and start typing what you want to blog about.

This is where you will create the body of your blog and there are quite a few options here as there are a few new features added to the Format Bar as seen below.

2/ As you type, use the Format Bar features to enhance your blog

Here they are listed below:

  1. H1 - Heading Size Very Large
  2. H2 - Heading Size Large
  3. H3 - Heading Size Medium
  4. P - Paragraph with normal text
  5. B - Bold Text
  6. I - Italicized Text (slanted)
  7. U - Underlined Text
  8. Box With Lines - Align Text: Left, Right, Centre or Justified
  9. Hyperlink - add a URL Link in the text
  10. List - UnOrdered, Numbered, InDented or OutDented
  11. Line - Separate text with a line
  12. Image - Insert An Image
  13. ABC - Spell And Grammer Checker

3/ Note that there is a Word Count at the bottom of your text on the left hand side so you can easily see if you've reached your target.

4/ On the bottom right one can see the Autosave feature which automatically saves your work periodically.

We're almost finished - let's find out How To Add Tags and Publish Our Blog

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CarolMeador Premium
Hi, Edu. Thanks for a very well organized, easy to understand training. Carol
TopAchiever Premium
Thank you Caro for you word of encouragement. Means a lot.

Glad you were able to understand and apply it.


Tirolith Premium
Thanks Edu for you very well done lessons. It is now my guiding light.
TopAchiever Premium
My pleasure Tom, and you are very welcome.

MKearns Premium
Thank you Edu. I'm in the build a little, test a little stage!
TopAchiever Premium
You are most welcome Michael
MozMary Premium
very nice!
TopAchiever Premium
Thanks Mary :-)
gardenguy Premium
Great tutorial Edu........I was hoping someone would do it. Many thanks.

TopAchiever Premium
You're welcome Wayne!