Let's Find Out How To Use The New Blog Interface

1/ To start off we'll need a title for the blog.

This title is very important as this is the title that is indexed by Google and so you want to make sure that you have a keyword related to your theme that will rank in Google Pages.

2/ To help youfind those keywords you can use Jaaxy, here's the link for you, but before you go, remember that after you have found your keyword, come back here and continue the training.


3/ Once you have typed in your title for the blog, click on the blue Add A Cover Image, button to make it more attractive

The following screen appears:

The options here are:
  • Search Over 1 Million Images which are free
  • Drag And Drop Image in the dotted box
  • Upload Image Manually from your computer or device

For the purpose of the tutorial, I used the search feature.

4/ Click in the search bar and type in what type of image you are looking for, then press the Enter key. I typed in St Patrick for fun :-)

This was the result:

5/ Hover over the image you have chosen, then click on Choose. It will start downloading the image and insert it into the blog.

Here you have the option to:

  • Change The Image Cover if you don't like it
  • Delete It / Remove It
  • Drag To Reposition it to how you want it to look

Now that we have Entered A Title and Added A Cover Image, let's find out How To Create The Body Of The Blog

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CarolMeador Premium
Hi, Edu. Thanks for a very well organized, easy to understand training. Carol
TopAchiever Premium
Thank you Caro for you word of encouragement. Means a lot.

Glad you were able to understand and apply it.


Tirolith Premium
Thanks Edu for you very well done lessons. It is now my guiding light.
TopAchiever Premium
My pleasure Tom, and you are very welcome.

MKearns Premium
Thank you Edu. I'm in the build a little, test a little stage!
TopAchiever Premium
You are most welcome Michael
MozMary Premium
very nice!
TopAchiever Premium
Thanks Mary :-)
gardenguy Premium
Great tutorial Edu........I was hoping someone would do it. Many thanks.

TopAchiever Premium
You're welcome Wayne!