So what to Do?

One of our lovely family members Lady May stated recently on another blog that it seems Russia is at war with me.

Well I guess looking at that list on the first page it looks that way.

I did try one method via Google Analytics but that didn't work. However being a WAUers I kept going forward and found another way to beat and win this battle.

So this will be the method I will show you as I know it worked for me and I am sure will do the same for you if you are having these issues.

Since I tried this there are now no more referrals from Russia and bounce rate on Analytics Dashboard is back to 0%. Today I checked again with the same score bounce rate is still 0% and again no referrals from Russia. Now I have just good clean visitors.

Gather Your List

Step 1:

If you have as many as mine or more then create a list perhaps on Word, Excel or whatever program you may use.

The only pain is that with each domain name you want to block you have to create a separate Filter for each one.

The benefit is if you have multiple websites and the same GA account you can link them all together so you don’t have to do it again for each site.

Unless you have another GA account then sorry it will have to be repeated there.

That’s why create the list first so you can copy and paste each line later as you go along to make it easier rather that typing it and possibly making a typo.

So you may need to make yourself a cup or coffee, tea maybe even water.

Besides if you have my list or worse all other drinks are probably already gone by now so in my case only coffee, tea or water is left. Anyway my glass is now empty from recent parties.

So now that you have done your list lets’ get cracking and block these bot spams once and for all.

Step 2:

Log into your Google Analytics site and then go to Admin as shown below.

IF you only have one website then go down on the left hand side and click on Filters.

The screen below will appear.


If you have more than one website that is connected to your GA account the select All Web Site Data unless you only want certain sites to be included then you will need to select each site accordingly and do all the filters.

Just remember those sites not included are then at risk that is why I suggest to go to All Web Site Data and when you have done your filters for each domain it automatically covers all websites in one hit.

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Lady May Premium
It's important to delete unused plugins & themes via FTP not WP dashboard. This is because some indiscriminates bury themselves in other parts of wp.content.php
Jenna7 Premium
I never realized this. Is it simple to do via FTP/don't you need something Filezilla to do this or is that for other site things?

Thank you.
Lady May Premium
Yes you do, download Filazilla, get your password on WA under SiteRubix. Under folder httpdocs you should find wp.content.php for plugins and themes. It's easier than it sounds and if you tried lots of plugins and themes, then you might find something in there that should be there.
Jenna7 Premium
Thank you so much!
Have a great day. :)
SoupGypsy Premium
Andre, what an amazing lesson.. You really worked hard and methodically for this one. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in developing this lesson for the benefit of many. I certainly pray you no longer are plagued with the shenanigans of this group of pirates. BTW, I love the font you use at the end of each post. Very nice to read and look at. donna
2Achieve Premium
Really good data... thank you. I've had my online product business with the same contact info and (800)# for over 12/yrs without ever experiencing the following; just this past July, we began getting spammed via phone call/hangup in 4 seconds. That is the minimum time before a charge is incurred. Initially we received 2 to 4 or 5 per day... and in November til today it exceeds 15 -20/day. If we had not been grandfathered from the original phone company we'd be paying flat rate for each call over $250/mo insted of $49/mo. So the spammers are hitting our contact us data; emails & phone, siphoning from membership sites even through many have captcha codes they can break (not all, but enough)... it is a never ending battle!! Cyber terrorism is well entrenched unfortunately. Heck, banks, big box stores, Sony, our Government... they've all been hit and talk about DEEP POCKETS and some of the best IT people out there... well it is an ever evolving concern. Good article for sure but ending it isn't possible as they'll always find a tiny opening. It is all about the digital world!
TopAchiever Premium
This is a great heads up on Google Analytics antics and Russian Spammers.... or it could be a double-cross agent from anywhere in the world! :-) We appreciate your input and help to keep up to date with a clean site safe from hackers intrusions!
Larry MaC Premium
Very useful knowledge thanks for sharing